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Silver Lining Herbs To Prevent Ulcers – Product Review PART 1!

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Silver Lining Herbs #29 - LCR for ulcer relief!

When I heard that the Horse Junkies United group teamed up with the wonderful staff over at Silver Lining Herbs (www.silverliningherbs.com) and there would be some trial herb mixes offered for review, it really couldn’t have come at a better time for my mare “Sandie” and I!

As some of you know, we had a nasty run in with some foxtail in the hay a few months ago (here’s the detailed story for anyone interested).

Anyway, that issue not only caused external ulcers in Sandie’s mouth, but also internal ulcers were suspected in her digestive tract.  I had heard foxtail could cause those, but I knew something was wrong shortly after we found it in the hay, when my mare went from being one who you could tighten the girth like a 1900’s girdle and she wouldn’t so much as bat an eye, to an angry NASTY ear-pinning air-biting mare capable of ending your life if you so much as TOUCHED her lower neck or girth area!

So after talking to the (VERY NICE!) folks over at Silver Lining Herbs, we decided that their #29 LCR mix (was a good place to start!

External ulcers in Sandie's mouth caused by foxtail in the hay

According to their website, “the herbs in #29 LCR are designed to maintain optimal health in the gastrointestinal tract by maintaining the balance of the naturally occurring juices, and support systems closely related to the digestive process”. 

Herbs like chamomile, rose hips, marshmallow, and licorice (just to name a few!) were included in the lovely re-sealable pouch that was supplied to me, along with a serving scoop, making this very easy for my boarding barn to give Sandie on a daily basis.

I was very pleased right away when I dumped this into her feed bucket with NO mixer and she gobbled it down like it was going out of style, licking every last powdery morsel out of her bucket!  These herbs obviously included some kind of “horse crack” that my mare just wasn’t able to resist!

YUM YUM Gimme more!!!

Sandie started taking these herbs on December 24th, and I started keeping a log of her behavior and general “angriness” at the world to track her progress…

December 24th Ulcer herbs arrived. Sandie was very girthy when tacking up and just about bit my head off when I touched her side to get her to move over in the cross ties.  I think I saw my life flash before my eyes.  She HATED being ridden and God help you if you touch her stomach.  Angriness At the World Score is at about a 9. Merry Christmas to me.

January 2nd:  Sandie has been doing her “horse crack” now for a little over a week.  No drastic changes, except she doesn’t seem QUITE as girthy now and only tries to turn around and take a chunk out of me about 75% of the time.  Still not thrilled with being ridden, but she’s tolerating it better now.  AAW score is an 8. 

January 9th: We’re about 2 weeks in now, and she’s still gobbling this stuff down like it’s her last meal, so that’s a plus.  Still wants to kill me when I touch her with the girth, but at least if I ask her to move over in the cross ties she doesn’t attempt to end my life anymore.  AAW score is a 6.  I like progress.

January 16th: She’s been on her herbs now for 3 weeks and I can now safely groom her in between her front legs and her girth area again.  She’s getting more pleasant to ride now as well.  Still pretty girthy, but I’m beginning to wonder if my smarty pants mare has figured out that she can be that way without punishment because her mommy feels “bad” for her and her ulcer-ridden body.  Maybe I’ll give her some more time…AAW score is a 5.5.

January 30th: Oops forgot to write last week’s log in my journal.  Where were you with my reminder, Siri??  Anyway, we’re a little over a month in now, time for Part 1 of my review.  So far so good, although Sandie is still continuing to play the “Oh no don’t touch me there!” game with the girth.  I can trick her by slooooowly inching it up centimeter by centimeter, or sticking a peppermint candy in her face.  Either way, no more death threats coming from my mare, unless she’s in heat.  Then God help everyone in the barn…AAW score is a 4.

Sandie having a laid back low "AAW" score day!

So I’m pretty pleased with the first 30 days of my girl being on these herbs, they seem to be working for her.  It definitely wasn’t a drastic change, but they did give me a 60-day supply so I’m excited to see what the next month brings for us.

The folks at Silver Lining checked in with me a couple weeks ago just to see how things were going, which I thought was a very nice touch.  The customer service I’ve received from them has been fabulous, they have even listened to my story and recommended another herb to try out once this one is over if I’m still not seeing 100% results, the #24 Immune Support mix.

Wish me luck getting Sandie’s AAW score back down to a 1 or 2!

Stay tuned for Part 2 at the beginning of March!