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“A” for Effort! Watch Rick Wallace’s Hilarious Stickability Attempt

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Well, he gave it his all! Rick Wallace does the impossible, attempting to stay on Ultimate Decision during the stadium jumping phase in the Open Training division at the 2013 Chattahoochee Hills Summer Series.

 Rick Wallace’s ‘Stickability’


  1. this is priceless! what a great equine partner! patiently waiting while your rider does acrobatics off your neck! amazing to watch. i give up much too quickly once i come unseated.

  2. awesome what an awesome sport; just kept trying; now that young person will go far in life!!!! and fantastically wonderful horse

  3. You have to laugh. Rick should have taken a bow and tipped his hat to that horse!

    Such a shame, too, because they had such a nice XC round… Was judging the second to last 2 jumps for his round.

  4. Would have been nice to see Wallace give an ‘atta boy’ to his very patient and protective partner, Ultimate Decision. A true saint of a horse.

    • Well, yeah, the horse does deserve some props for enduring the acrobatics, but let’s not forget he DID balk at the fence. Wallace would’ve stayed on him if he hadn’t. So I can understand why there may have been some mixed feelings.

  5. Wonderful horse, amazing rider but I think the horse is lame in the back end and could be the reason he pulled a rail and refused. Just a thought. :) nice acrobatics from the rider

    • I think you’re right! The horse was moving funny from the start and he wasn’t jumping well at all. If they had been paying attention to the horse, they shouldn’t have ridden him in this class.

  6. That is a PRECIOUS horse!!!!

    The idea behind “not hitting the ground” is that, if you do hit the ground, you get to exit the arena… and if he could have gotten back up w/out hitting, he could have finished the course instead of “thank you for coming”.

  7. I only wish this rider would have thought about the spurs he was wearing before trying to monkey his way back in the saddle. What a good horse!

  8. He was checking the horse a lot. Horse seemed unsettled. They were definately not in-sink. Ultimate Decision is a patient horse!

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