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12 Days of Christmas: Day 12 – Win A Pair of Lozano Custom Riding Boots!

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****UPDATE: And the winner is…Roisin! Congratulations!!!

Roisin wrote: “I would choose a lovely brown like you have with zippers and laces. I am traditional so no bling for me. Gorgeous boots!!”

On the 12th day of Christmas Horse Junkies United and Dressage Hub gave to me, a pair of Custom Riding boots by Lozano.

Custom Riding Boots By Lozano

Custom Riding Boots By Lozano

Hand crafted and made to order in Spain, these boots should top your Christmas wish list. They are valued at $475 and can be ordered with any custom designs you would like. Bring on the red alligator and bling! Ok, maybe not for all of you but we all know how much of a princess I am! I love these boots! Make sure you stop by and show Lozano Custom Boots some love on Facebook by liking their page and saying thanks for participating.

To Enter: Watch the video below and put your response in the comments section below this post (on the blog, not on Facebook).  You have exactly 24 hours from the time this post was published to enter today’s contest. The winner will be selected tomorrow by random number generator from all the comments that answer the question. One entry per person, please.

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Black Mod. Classic Cordones! I would love to wear these! They would be great to have to continue the show season in IHSA! Thank you!!!

  2. Oh, just for fun how about fawn brown leather with Swarovski crystals in the shape of a horse shoe at the top if the boot sound… Bling bling!

  3. This is exactly what I need – faced with having to go from the hunters to dressage because of a leg injury I need new boots (ankle doesn’t fit in old ones), but don’t have the $$$$. I am a HUGE breast cancer cure supporter. So I would have black boots with a big pink crystal breast cancer ribbon on the top side. Bling bling bling.

  4. My dream boots would be dark brown alligator dress boots with the toe and top being smooth brown calf leather and with gold coloured hardware (snap closure) and champagne coloured Swarovski crystals along the top.

  5. Brow or black-I can’t decide…with embroidered green vines and small pink yellow and white flowers on them…with maybe a few sparkle accents. Very fairy like to match the unicorn-like horses I ride :)

  6. Dark brown with a criss cross pattern of a lighter brown ribbon rounding the top with bronze grommets centered throughout the pattern. Can’t wait to wear these super chic boots! :)

  7. I would love to have black field boots so that they are versatile. I would have a capped top for a lovely classic look, a strong and secure zipper for more ease when putting on and taking off the boots. I would also have a matte, but shinny finish. I would also love the boots to possibly be water resistant since here in NC, the rain can come up randomly and I would want to protect the boots as much as possible. On the inside, comfort comfort comfort! I would love for the boots to be able to be worn all day, without feeling it in my feet or heels!

    I would absolutely love to win a pair of these boots as currently I am riding in paddock and half-chaps to shows. I need a boot face-lift! :)

    Thank you for having these contests!

  8. I’d keep it fairly simple (less is sometimes more), black leather, but with a sweet brown leather flare type trim at the top, outlined in gold. Classy!

  9. My dream custom Lozano boots would be Navy blue field boots with orange laces, and Orange Ostrich hunt tops. Don’t forget the Hunter green Swarovski crystals. They would be great on Cross country!

  10. Ermahgad this contest. Modern Classic Black-Brown (black leather with brown across the top.) No laces.
    So timeless & classy <3

  11. Black dressage boots with hunter green trim up the back and in a thin strip at the top much like piping/border and crystals at the top and strategically placed to help set off and bring attention to the trim.

  12. I would probably order black boots in a soft easy to break in leather. I would obviously add some bling too ! Shiny stuff at the top with probably a different color at the top with a matching line at the botton of the boot !

  13. For jumping: black leather with Swarovski crystals on the toe, with my name and my horses name embroidered around the top in red.

  14. Black buffalo hide dressage boots with an inlay of ostrich across the top or in a strip down the outside but not a straight strip, one that is curved slightly.

  15. I would definitely choose the Mod. Classic Dressage in classic black, but in my dream world, I would go for that extra wow with the Mod. Elegance Dressage. They’re so shiny! They remind me of David Marcus’ boots at the Royal Winter Fair. While I’m at it, why not add some crystals along the top?

  16. Oh What a dream… After so many years of plain black boots, white or tan breeches, navy or black Jacket I would go wild. Like a pair of those MOD. Elegance dressage boots with the snake skin look in a unique color like maybe a gray/sage/green with a tasteful trim of pearls and crystals swirling down the side to accent the Spanish top and a contrasting color of piping along that sexy toe cap, like a plumb color. theses would be the boots to never take off I’d even sleep in them…

  17. I’m going to channel my inner nerd here. My current obsession is the Hunger Games so in my crazy fantasy world, I would have boots designed to look like the Mockingjay. Sleek black boots with a black and white “wing” coming off of the side to look like Katniss’ dress. For a little added bling, I’d have gold crystals around the top of the boot. Also a little Mockingjay pin design stitched into the inside of the boot. :)

    This is totally nerdy and not at all practical but whatever. A girl can dream, right? :)

  18. Wow, just getting boots that FIT PROPERLY would be my fantasy! I am a plus size rider with wide feet and very large calves. So comfort, comfort, comfort is the name of the game. I’d go for dark brown leather with a zip up the back.

  19. My dream jumper boots would consist of black leather (maybe calfskin), with a patent toe, crystals running along the top of the Spanish cut, as well as patent contouring the top of the boot!

  20. Well….I need a classic black pair of boots….and getting boots that fit ..that’s a dream in itself! Dream boot…other than classic black, love the look of black with dark brown trim or navy trim and crystals.

  21. I would die for custom boots because my feet are so oddly shaped and I have such large calves! I would definitely do classic black jumper boots with my initials in Pink crystals. Ugh I would just die, I really want these boots!

  22. I would absolutely LOVE a classic black field boot with laces, spur rests, square toes, my initials ECG at the top in white letters and patent alligator skin piping at the top!

  23. Absolutely drooling over the Mod. Classic Cordones Marron-Castaño!!! If nothing else, I finally have something to add to my Christmas list this year. :)

  24. Ohhh my! These boots are beautiful…Lovely lovely calf skin!
    In a fantasy world that didn’t require a modern classic black dressage boot???…..I would totally rock them with Swarovski crystal skull and cross bones at the top with ruby’s for the eyes! YEAH!

  25. I’m a stick-in-the-mud traditionalist so I wouldn’t decorate my dream boots with anything. I think the brown dressage boots are tremendously elegant and chic on their own…

  26. Since I don’t ride competitively anymore, I would give these boots to my daughter. I know that she would want the classic black dressage boot, but I think I could talk her into a few crystals to “grace” her boots. She deserves some bling! :-). Beautiful boots – who ever wins, will enjoy them immensely! Merry Christmas Patricia and Horse Junkies United and many thanks to all your sponsors/donators.

  27. Definitely black leather boots with pink crystals along the trim. Small crystals though, nothing big and gaudy. Just enough to give it a bit of sparkle!

  28. OMG Love these boots!
    I would want a soft dressage boot with a the zipper in the back (I’m a jumper but don’t like laces)
    I would love to design and actually get one day a matte dark grey boot,
    the leather that is around the zipper (including the tabs to help take the pressure off the zipper) in matte red or orange (haven’t decided) and a same colour piping across the toe seam.
    Then either a matching patent tab at the top of the boot or piping around the top of the boot. Simple but with a touch of colour!
    OH and a brown sole :-) that’s what I would like :-)

  29. My horse is a blue roan paint, an explosion of pattern and color!

    To match him, in my inner Disney-like-colorfied world…I would event around cross country with Mod. Elegance Dressage boots that were CoCo Swarovski boots in Teal! Can you imagine the alligator like pattern in teal!

  30. Red. With GPS tracker installed in the heel so that when my mare dumps my butt trail riding, my husband knows where to find the body….

  31. Dreaming of a pair of black field boots with laces, a snap at the bottom and top, a spanish cut, and a panel of gorgeous camel leather at the top of the boot (just like the mod classic black-brown). Then to add a little personal pizzaz a monogram, not to big, but just big enough to catch everyone’s eye, stitched in white. I’ve had my eye on these Lozanos for ages…what a wonderful Christmas surprise it would be!

  32. Dark brown dressage boots with a Spanish top. For fun I would add a burgundy piping with some gold crystals and fasteners. It would be fun yet very chic.

  33. Let me start off by saying that these boots are gorgeous. I have 2 dream boots. One would be navy leather with alligator toe and top and white piping inbetween or silver crystals. The other would be the brown like in the video with darker brown alligator tops and toe. Only in my dreams though!

  34. This is such an amazing opportunity!!!

    My DREAM boot would be a nice navy blue coloured boot, with a pipeline of white around the top of the boot.
    Then with a white stamp of my initials near the zipper line in the back. Those would be a beautiful boot.

    As an eventer this is totally do-able! Heck even a white Canadian flag would be a nice add to the heel!

    Thanks HJU and Dressage Hub!

  35. I would want the classic doma in marron, the brown color shown above. Snow crystals on top or even patent leather would be awesome. I want to keep my show boots nice for the ring. But having second pair of dressage boots is expensive. These would be amazing!

  36. As an eventer my colours are Red and Navy, so I would go with a nice deep navy field boot with red accents (red stitching? Red piping maybe? I’m not good with fashion design). Maybe some crystals spelling out my initials?

  37. Mod Classic Cordones Black with a dark green leather pull tab at the outside/top and a matching green leather wrap-around snap piece at the heel. Just enough to match my black & green eventing colors!!

  38. Just checked out their Facebook page – and wow! I’d have to go for some variation of the New model Elegance CoCo with Swarovski avaliable in dressage or jump – totally out of my usual plain jane eventing style – but WOW would I get noticed!

  39. Royal blue field boots with black details and alternating blue and black crystals along the top with snakeskin hunt tops and an American flag embolem at the top for cross country!!

  40. I’m torn. On one hand, I’ve always wanted plain brown field boots. But I would also love to have black field boots with dark green alligator tops and toe.

  41. I would order black dress boots with a thin purple trim on top with my initials monogrammed in them and a clear crystal in each side!

    In real life just a black pair of boots that FIT!

  42. What beautiful boots! I have a chesnut mare the caramel brown color would look fantastic with her. In a “perfect/anything possible” world i would have my Eventing farm/business logo stamped/etched/embroidered near the top of the boots. My colors are navy, white and pink so either either a line of clear crystals on the very top or a line of metalic pink thread would really accent the logo and the boots. Also, below where the spur rests are, it would be cool to have a simple monogram of MZE.

  43. Field boots with patent toes and tops. Maybe some clear crystals to highlight the patent top as well. Beautiful boots! I was especially fond of the decorating!

    • Wow I have too many choices and am now day dreaming far too much! :D

      I think I would love a Rich Chocolate calf skin jumping boots with brown ostrich (made patent of course!) on the toes, heel and top cuffs! And a bit of orange piping between the two leathers and orange zips if that is even possible!

  44. I would deffinately go with black leather classic dressage boot but with brown detailing along the sides and top to give it that flashy look, these boots are beautiful !!

  45. I would get black dressage boots with buffalo hide on the inside of the leg, alligator on the toe and definitely Swarovski crystals in a glamorous pattern at the top of the boot! some patent leather in there somewhere too, they would have to be totally unique!

  46. My boots would be size 7.5 with a calf length that is actually short enough for my leg. They would be a black boot with a punched toe cap and teal piping along the top and down the back zipper. The main boot would be calfskin, except the inside panel of the leg, which would be ostrich leather for extra grip and longevity. I would have my monogram embroidered on the top zipper cover.

  47. Brown calf skin jumping boot, with mine and my horse’s initials in Swarovski crystals at top, outer boot, with patent at top and at toe.

  48. Classic black field boots with a bit of brown trim to match my saddle and bridle – really standout on my brand new gray Iberian Warmblood! Size 8 1/2, please :-)

  49. I would like a grey boot. the field boot style with the 1920s design on the toes. Accented with the alligator patent black tops and toes for contrast….. this would be crazy for me since I am so plain in my clothes!

  50. I would just keep it simple with a Mod. Classic Dressage in Black leather. No need for extras! These boots are already fabulous! :)

  51. Easy, I dream about this every day! My “dream” pair of riding boots would be brown calf leather with spanish tops, no embellishments, just top quality leather and perfect fit <3

  52. I would get something real similar to the Mod. Elegance CoCo Swarovski, because that Alligator leather is so rocking I can’t even contain myself! Plus just a little bit of sparkle with crystals calls out to my youth of showing in western pleasure. Wow these boots are hot!

  53. First off I would get black with laces, then I would add light baby blue and a darker blue rhinestones along the top and swirling down the side and finally wrapping around the angle, only on the outside though cause i wouldn’t want it to rub anything. Then I would get a browband to match!

  54. Thank you Horse Junkies for this opportunity!

    If I were to customize my boots, I would see if they could make red coloured soles on black leather boots, with red piping on top of the boot with possibly crystals on the top for a little bling :D

  55. My dream Lozano boot would be dark blue Dressage boot, extra stiff with a Spanish top. The cuff would be patent black alligator with a line of dark blue crystals. The lining would be patent black as well. Would love to show these off in the completion arena!! Would look fabulous with my dark blue tail coat ;)

  56. oooh my dream boots… brown calf leather as shown above, stiff outside with Spanish cut top and champagne crystals in a single row, with dark brown stitching, and gold hardware (zip/covers)!

  57. I would be so grateful for a pair of Mod. Classic Cordones Black. Versatile in the show ring. Great competition! Thanks ladies! Beautiful boots. Happy Holidays everyone :)

  58. Beautiful boots! So hard to make a choice – either 1) black calf skin field boots with small embroidered filigrees and some Swarovski crystals or 2) brown calf skin field boots.

  59. to Horse Junkies United, I thank thee for the wonderful opportunity to participate in this competition! After spending years of being afraid of the color “Blue” (Yup, I know, I need a shrink!), my OTTB, Class Always Shows (on occasion he does show some class when he’s not in full blown comedian mode!), was forced to wear a blue saddle pad because every other pad was in the laundry. And, by gosh, he looked fabulous in blue and at that moment, my fear-of-blue went down the drain and I became obsessed to outfit us in blue, first came more blue saddle pads, then came a brand new helmet in blue followed by blue riding tights for me and blue dressage boots for him (and they ain’t easy to find!) and well, the list goes on. So, it only seems natural to wish for a beautiful pair of deep blue field boots with blue Swarovski crystals around the modified Spanish topline, Ahhhh “Dare to Dream!!

  60. In an ideal world, I would have beautiful, rich dark brown calf leather field boots. (Basically Meredith Micheals Beerbaum’s boots)
    A girl can dream!

  61. I would love to have the Mod. Classic Dressage Crazy Horse, with contrast white stitching, zipper in the back, with a D-ring bit embroidered on the modified Spanish top.

  62. Love all the beautiful and creative ideas! Would love Cognac
    Dressage boots, a black croc toe and 3″ dressage bow, black sole, and maybe some black piping down the back zipper.

  63. I would love a pair of black field boots, but wait I’m not finished. I would love pink leather with crystals running down the zipper and purple crystals outlining around all the stitching. Yes they may be gaudy, but I would love a pair all blinged out…barn diva! :)

  64. I love the ‘less is more’ look so I would go for the elegant and classic black Dressage boots :) I’m not one for bling personally.

  65. I’d love tall, classical black leather dressage boots with zippers in the back (ending just above spur line) and with Spanish tops. On the outside tops there is a little silver Swarovski crystal horse doing the piaffe. Inside the heal is a small adapter hidden, that can be plugged in during the winter time to charge the “inside electric heat soles” :)

  66. These boots look AMAZING!

    I would give anything to have a pair of black dressage boots with burgundy stitching, and burgundy crystals along the Spanish topline. All in the softest, most supple calfskin leather….I know its more than a long shot, but hey – a girl can dream!

  67. I have been obsessed with brown boots for as long as I can remember, so my dream boots would be a field boot in plain dark chocolate brown leather with a thin curved top in brown crocodile embossed leather. I would seriously DIE if I had the opportunity for such beautiful boots!

  68. Overall, a classic black boot, square toes, laces. But a green or blue alligator leather along the top and, of course, swagger tabs!

  69. Hmmm… I would get a navy blue full alligator boot with white piping on the toe cap and heel. Then on the top cuff I would have Navy Patent leather with a Red Maple leaf made of crystals. :D They would be amazing for cross country or showjumping!

  70. I realistically would choose classic solid black or brown dress boots for practicality. BUT… I would love to have a pair of all pink boots or even black books with pink acesents and piping! They would also have to be decked out in as many crystals as possible, because if you are going to push the limit with pink boots, you might as well go all out, esspecially when you are a dressage diva (in training). It would match my horse’s pink padded bridle, pink saddle pads, pink polos, and pink quarter sheet (don’t worry, I have a mare). It however would most likely give my poor coach a stroke!

  71. two-tone brown stiff dressage spanish-top boot, maybe some black piping, or blue, or orange… but bling free. I think I need 3 pair!

  72. This is so cool!!! I would want black dressage boots with brown leather trim around the top of the boot and along the zipper. I saw a picture on their website page of boots like this and I just love them!! Thanks for considering me!! Love what you guys do!

  73. I would get brown field boots with croc skin detailing around the top and on the zip covers. There would also be some room somewhere for bling because everyone needs bling.

  74. Black field boots with black patent leather top or trim with some stylish detailed sculpting maybe colored piping around the top for fun!

  75. Ok soooo I’m going to go all designer on everyone here, My dream boots would be the Mod Classic Cordones black boot with WHITE stitching ( I know I’m crazy) just because it’s different and it would match my saddle pad. Ehehehehehe and I promise I will not let my horse touch them!

  76. How fun – I could design dozens of pairs!
    In dream world, I would do a cognac coloured lower with patent alligator upper, and of course some bling dotting the pull tabs.

  77. i would design boots that had wide calf for my leg and cobalt blue lining. i love that color and i love when it is hidden away so people only catch a glimpse. so maybe just see a flash at the top and have my intials embroidered in it!!!!

  78. Brown ostrich field boots a la Meredith Michaels Beerbaum — then maybe some of her ability would channel itself into me! LOL Maybe I’d add croc toes and croc trim at the top…

  79. I would love a pair of classic super super shiny polished black leather, a yellow/gold lightning bolt out of a soft grey cloud running along the outside/back of my right calf *only* (for my horse named Lightning!) some bling dotted along the stitching (Gold please!) more bling around the bottom (so sparkly it reflects the sun’s rays & blinds the judges, PLEASE!)
    and some red velvety soft insoles
    can you also stamp my initials into the bottom of the boot (K.Y)?

  80. I know this is completely boring but I LOVE the look of a classic riding boot. Don’t mess mine up with bling or combinations of leathers and carving. A beautiful, shiny black field boot is what I dream of.

  81. I would love a pair of field boots that actually fit my leg correctly. I always have trouble finding a calve size that fits along with my 8 1/2 foot.

  82. wow i love them all, but my dream boots would fit my ridiculous legs just that, just fit! all boots come half way up my calves and then the manufacturers of boring normal boots just run outta leather and are like ‘sorry don’t make boots for alien stick legs’ so there. doomed to boots that only come half way up my leg. bring me Lozano boots Santa!

  83. I would ADORE a pair of tall, form-fitting field boots in a baby-soft black leather. I’d get gorgeous, shiny patent tops with tiny silver crystals running up and down the zipper on the back of the boot so the judge will always notice as I canter past! For more practical purposes, my boots would have spur rests, super comfortable soles, and nice grippy panels on the inside.

  84. I would LOVE a pair of black field boots. The zipper pulls would have my initials engraved in them, black stingray/croc leather for the toes and clear Swarovski crystals on the outside (top) of the boot. I would LOVE to put some colour on them, but I change my mind for colours every season that I would have to buy a new pair annually ;)

  85. Ummm, even in a dream world I’m pretty boring so I’d say: spanish cut, zipper with spur protector, black calfskin leather with a floral punched toe design with a square toe, and to be crazy some Swarovski crystals on the swagger tab… like one row. I like things plain!

  86. A classy black dress boots with a unique design of patent leather on the top. Possibly a brogue style toe with patent as well! And for fun, a thin line of crystals on the top!

  87. I love the mod classic dressage boots on the Lozano website as is. For me it’s whether the boot fits comfortably, so a comfy footbed.

  88. In my dream riding world, my boots would be made of a super soft, black calf skin leather. At the top would be a line of black crocodile. There would be a lot of genuine Swarovski crystals; lining the Spanish cut top, lining the zipper, and on the pull straps. Also, my dream riding boots would be self cleaning, and always stay shiny!

  89. In a fantasy world, I would order boots that have a calf insert to give me calves for the first time in my life! Black, with zippers up the back. Black crocodile along the top. High Spanish top. But don’t forget the calf inserts! Merry Christmas!

  90. Brown dressage boots,zipper down back, button detail on side, tall spanish cut tops…. or…… black dressage boots, zippers, tall spanish tops, patent leather at the top, shaft alligator or other patterned leather, foot plain.

  91. In my dream world, my field boots would be made of a milky chocolate brown calf leather with a matching brown alligator Spanish top. They would have a square toe, no bling, and a full length zipper. There would also be closure flaps at the top and the heel, and brown elastic laces. Last but not least, I’d have a discrete stretch panel alongside the zipper, reaching a tiny bit more than half way down the boot. That way, my sure-to-happen fluctuations in calf size and breech thickness will be accommodated, but the integrity and structure of the leather at the ankle won’t be compromised in order to minimize the slouch.

  92. I need custom made boots ! lol all the tall boots in stores are either to slim for my calf, to tall for my leg and/ or the wrong foot size, and then the price:? eep!, my custom boots would be, ones that fit like a glove, tall black or brown/black classic jumper tall boots, with little intracit details, zipper down back with the buckle strap button with me initials, soft leather NO shiny shiny stuff, like gloss or bling, to me make the boots look cheap and cheesy:/

  93. either black or dark brown tall boots with a small oval plate with my monogram engraved on it off to the side of the spanish cut top.

  94. I would love love love plain elegant black with pink/clear crystals in a stunning design my sister would draw up. I’m not creative, but she has a massive eye for detail. Stunning!!!

  95. I would get tobacco brown boots with a nice dressage bow to make my short calves look that much longer!

    They would have several rows of large svarovski crystals all the way down the side, and would be made of the most subtle leather, that doesnt hurt while you try to break them in!

  96. I’m all about Black, so they must be Black! I’d like an exotic leather like Lizard or Alligator, and I’m also all about BLING! so bring on some Rhinestones or Crystals! That would be my ideal pair!

  97. Considering that the the 2014 World Cup is coming closer and because I am half Spanish I would choose a pretty yellow/red design on that lovely brown leather shown in the video so as to let my fellow horse junkies know that I am supporting Spain in the coolest ways possible!

  98. I would make dressage boots, black with a gold zipper and gold crystals imbedded into the rubber of the heel and toe, and stamped in gold on the outside top part would be my initials. And were the spurs rest I would build in a reinforced groove. I hate spur rubs and the groove stitching around it would be gold.

  99. I would do a dressage (dress) boot in a rich lighter brown with a spanish/italian top and I’m not sure what it is called but the strap with buckle at the top. :)

  100. I would get a pair of dark brushed brown leather boots with a lighter brown dropped suede upper. I would also get dark brown patent detailing between the leather and suede and a patent toe. While I’m at it I’ll add a Swarovski crystal design to the suede upper, maybe along the edges. I love pretty boots :)

  101. Wow what beautiful boots. i would customize mine as a black fantasy dressage boot with a side feature of black seqined criss cross laces. it may be something different to have a pattern stamped into the leather. anyways..nice boots :-)

  102. I’d do a black field boot full lined, Italian Tops- extra high, tan tabs maybe in alligator with matching trim on the top.. spur rests, zips up the back. Maybe with contrast stitching matching the tabs.. That would be AMAZING

  103. Black dressage boots, with zippers and blac crystals outlining the top edges. And…two small black crystal horseshoes on the outside to bring on the luck for scores in the 70s!

  104. What a generous gift! Those boots are beautiful, just as they are though..no need to bling them out. I would gift a pair to my son, who was in an accident this year. He was my riding buddy and I miss hacking out with him. He’ll be able to ride again in due time and it would be a fun “back in the saddle” gift. Merry Christmas to all!

  105. I would get a black boot with patten leather at the top and on the toe. Over the patten leather would be black diamonds in an argyle pattern. The tipper tab would have an emerald on it since that’s my birthstone. The inside would be white-so not to stain my white show pants. Finally, the souls would be custom to my foot so I will never want to take them off! Yes, new boots would definitely be the best present ever!!!

  106. I would love black dressage boots with snakeskin on the toes and white Swarovski crystals on the top!!(although I would feel bad for the snake, so maybe something else instead)

  107. I have wished for a pair of brown leather dressage boots for five Christmases now, no luck. If I could design my own personal boot I would choose a light brown leather and on the top have swarovski crystals along the rim. That’s it. Keep it simple.

  108. These would be for my beautiful daughter. I’ve watched her ride for years and would be beautiful on her. On her boot I would put a embossed picture of her two horses and her dog down the outside followed by musical notes all through the top of the boot. All in black onyx. On the toes would be one tiny emerald in memory of her grandma.

  109. Ohhhhh black field boots with light blue piping and light blue crystals along the top, and patent crocodile or snakeskin tops and toes!

  110. I would love a pair of shiny simple black, baby soft classic field boots. Then I would have Swarovski crystals lining the zipper. And to top it off purple piping :)

  111. Normally I’m quite indecisive but selecting a custom pair of boots would be so fun and I’ve already planned out my dream pair!
    Tall black dress boots.
    Patent leather trim at the top and on the toe cap.
    Punched leather detail.
    Navy piping.
    Simply stunning.

  112. In a world where I could afford to have cool custom boots… I think I would do a tan/oakbark color, with maybe a slightly darker gator leather on the toe and along the top of the spanish cut top.

  113. Gosh, I would love navy Modern Classic Dressage Lozano boots. As a child of the sixties, they would have a pink Swarovski crystal peace sign at the top as a personal affirmation towards harmonious communication with my horse. The symbol also serves as a global message for peace for all. What I call multi-purpose boots!

  114. My dream boot would be a very dark, rich brown with an engraved/etched drawing down the side of horses and birds. The drawing would be in the style of haida gwaii art.

  115. OH boy!!! I am drooling as we speak!! My absolute DREAM boot from Lozano would have to be black boots with a high spanish cut top, shiny navy trim with white piping, and to finish it off one red, white, and navy Swarovski crystal in that order meeting up ago a silver buckle to bring it all together. Yes that would be my dream boot. Maybe it will be under my Christmas tree?? Horse Junkies you are the best! I enjoyed entering your 12 days of giveaways!!

  116. My dream boots would be navy blue with white piping at the toe and top with my initials as well! Maybe some crystal bling to match my boy’s browband!!!

  117. My ultimate customized boot would be black leather with zippers up the front, and red piping accents along the top of the boot and toe caps. Also a single bling crystal instead of a tradition boot tab!

  118. My dream boots would be the classic black field boots, with black patent or black alligator top and toe, my name or initials on the the buckles/button closures and a square toe if avaiable. It would definitely have a back zipper. I would like it to have an Italian top and spur rests. And lastly, swarovski crystals in the shape of a simple horse head near the top of the boot.

  119. I’d love to win dress boots. Dark brown with croco accents. Definitely need zippers. Maybe even some crystal accents. Love HJU for the opportunity to win!

  120. Id love to win dress boots. Dark brown with croco accents. Maybe even some crystals. Definitely need zippers. Love HJU for the opportunity to win!

  121. Oh wow! How to choose… I would love a pair of black Modern Classic Dressage boots in black. For a little flair I would have some tiny white crystals along the top just for a little bling and pop :)

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