Sommer Christie’s Circles of Attention – photo by Patricia

Sommer Christie is a certified Mental Performance Consultant from Ottawa, currently finishing her PhD in Sport Psychology.

 Equestrian Excellence: Mind, Body and Horse

Part of a competition plan is being aware of what she calls “the circles of attention” – which is a list of thoughts that may cross your mind during a competition.

At the very center of the circle, is the ideal focus – on yourself and the task at hand. That is where you want to be in order to increase your chances of success.

But there are six other circles pulling your mind away from the center. The further away you are from the ideal focus, the harder it is to bring it back. So it is important to plan ahead by listing all the important distractions that you may face during a competition (internal and external). Then, you have to come up with a “distraction control plan”.  Here’s how

Sommer Christie on Competition Focus and Distraction Control