Let’s face it.  There have been many many times – too many to count – where  we have all forgone something for ourselves simply because we knew we needed to get something for our horse.  I am sighing openly as I remember holding a beautiful Prada bag in my hand one day and then regretfully putting it back onto the shelf as I remembered I had just purchased a custom xc vest and xc boots for my horse.  (Enter audible heavy sigh here.)

One of my Big Time embarrassing moments, that will continue to happen to me until the day I retire is…no matter how hard I try, I can never  ever ever seem to get all the dirt out from under my nails.  AND – I actually make a conscious effort to keep my nails looking tidy and manicured. (For serious, I really do.)  Dirty nails isn’t really my accessory of choice when I put my suit on in the morning.  I guess I know I am a horse junkie.   Something else that makes me mad, is a fact my sister-in-law (who is not the least bit horsey) brought up to me yesterday: “You probably spend more on Chester’s shoes then you do your own.”

As a chronic bag, shoe and accessory Junkie (trust me, I could start a whole other blog about that obsession), it boils my blood to forgo all the pretty Nine West shoes just so Chester can have some metal nailed to his feet (jerk)…which he insists on scraping to shreds anyways. (Don’t get me started on that either.)

Speaking of which – take a look at the other examples below of how people know they are horse junkies.  If you remember our ‘United We Stand!’ post from yesterday, you know that this is a site by amateurs, for amateurs, and well, we need your help!  PLEASE ADD TO OUR LIST!! We want to hear them!  We want to laugh!  Finish the following sentence in our comment section:

“You know you are a horse junkie when…”

…your horse goes to the Spa, sees the Chiro, holistic practitioner, doctor, gets new shoes & new outfits way more often than you do.

…your horse has more “designer” clothing than you. 4 winter coats, sun protection, fly protection, rain sheets, Travel boot’s, arrival attire, a bridle for every mood, a halter for every season and holiday.

…you have WAY more bridles than you have horse heads to put them on!

…your trailer, tack trunk and tack room are perfectly organized with clean(ish) saddle pads, tack, and first aid kits. But your own medicine cabinet, your car, and laundry room are a nightmare.

…your horse is seen by the dentist and doctor twice a year like clock work and you have not been in three years.

…you skip the annual family beach trip…for a horse show.

…if you have a moment to doodle, you doodle various ponies.

…you don’t even notice you smell like wet horse.

…you still have the drive to ride your horse after a grueling 10 hour workday (and you spend at least an hour trying to get it just right).

…your horse has more “designer” labels in his tack trunk than you have in your closet.

…your horse’s shoes are more expensive than yours. (Okay – in all honesty – this is so true and the one I get most mad at!!!)

…you spend your vacation money on horse shows…

…you go on non-horsey vacations and you have a maximum of 2 days to enjoy it before trot-sets, dressage schools and the upcoming event are muddling your brain!

…you see the latest fashion (leggings) and think “FITS are cooler!”

…you go to the restroom after a very important meeting, and realize you have hay in your hair.

…you stop at the store for a gallon of milk after riding and you have a nice even coating of arena dust on you hair, face and clothing, you don’t realize your white eyelashes scare small children and you don’t care that it makes you look over 100 years old… you just had a great ride.

…you need to take the kids to the doctor, and you inadvertently say (and call) the vet.

…you are behind someone going slow, and you cluck to make them go faster.
…every time you turn your car/truck, you think about your inside leg and the vehicle “bending”.

…you’d rather kiss your horse than your man when he is scruffy looking.

…you’d rather clean stalls than clean your house!!

…you don’t have time to shop for yourself..but plenty of time to shop for your four-legged friend.

…people comment on your collection of Breyer horses displayed all over your room…and have been calling you Horse Lady since early childhood…

…you ‘cluck’ at slow-moving children and cars.

…you think it’s normal to put your horse on an airplane to go to a horse show -3000 miles from where you live!

…after a long day on your feet, you tell your doctor you’re feeling a little ‘lame’!
…you constantly have paddock boots in your truck and find socks every so often that are long over due to be washed.
…you think nothing of spending over $200 every month for new shoes! and the ones you have on have a hole in them!!
…your horse eats before you do!
…your horse gets more ‘pedicures’ than you do.
…you are on vacation, in Hawaii, and you get nervous about a an upcoming competition…TWO WEEKS FROM NOW!
…you can’t find the backseat of your car/truck  because it is all full of horse stuff: boots, breeches, helmets, saddle pads etc.