Remember when you saw him?  That first pony that made your eyes bug out of your head.  It was in that instant, that you knew you wanted to be a horse back rider!

Remember your first show?  When you took that pony that made your eyes bug out of your head into the ring for the first time?  It didn’t matter that he was very naughty, made you fall off and end up with a black eye. You loved him.

Remember when your mom had to explain that your pony had to go live in the big grass pastures filled with clover and apple trees?  You cried, because you didn’t understand why you weren’t going to get to see your pony again.

Remember when your Coach brought in your new horse from the field?  She was a little bigger then a pony. Maybe 15’1.  She was a chubby little thing with a droopy lower lip.  You loved her.

Remember when she took you to your first show on a ‘real horse’?  She didn’t buck you off, but you won 2 of your classes and you knew you would never want another horse again for the rest of your life!! She was it!

Remember when you turned 16?  Your ‘real horse’ was more happy with the younger kids and you had outgrown her.  It was sad, but you knew you were going to find another horse that could make all your dreams come true.

Remember when you found him?  The Big, Bold, Brave guy.  One look at him and you HAD to have him.  He was the one you wanted.  It didn’t matter that he didn’t really know how to do what you wanted him to do. You would teach him.  You loved him more than anything else in the World.

Remember your first show with The Big Guy?  It was awesome!! You didn’t win, but you didn’t come last.  But, it didn’t matter, you were so proud of him and you knew you were going to be better next time.

Remember when you were so frustrated after a bad ride that you started crying because you just couldn’t get it?  And NOTHING was working! AND he was such a stubborn horse!!^%&#^!!

Remember when you won it all?

Remember when it came time to say Good-Bye to your Big Guy?  You didn’t want to leave his side because you knew he would be looking for you when he entered the last pasture he would ever graze in.

You cried, but you knew you would see your horse again…

Those people who are fortunate enough to know a horse, know just how much of their heart is consumed by that horse.  To have a horse in your life is a gift and a privilege.   That horse will teach you more about yourself as a person than any friend, spouse, parent, sibling, etc can teach you; so you should listen to them.  Be grateful for all the joy they bring you in life – even when you think they are being stubborn on purpose.

Think about the horses who lost their lives at True Prospect Farm.  Although it can’t come close to making anything better, say a prayer for them and the people who learned from them everyday.

They should know that they were loved and appreciated.  They should know that nobody wanted them to go alone and we are so so sorry for that.  And, they should know, when they move on to greener pastures, it is much much more than one moment of sorrow.

Wait for us…

~ In Loving Memory ~
Call Me Ollie – Charla – Ariel – Phantom Pursuit – Cagney Herself – Summer Breeze