Anal retentive, Obsessive compulsive, Delirious, Ridged, Controlling, Antisocial. No, this is not an issue of Psychology Today. These are just phrases used to describe the Dressage personality.

“NOT ME!!!!” I say to myself. “No” I answer back “you are a normally well adjusted woman, suffering from empty nest syndrome, using a relatively large horse to guide you through it. Obsessed to the point I’m not surprised Freud has not returned to analyzing. My response is “you know I have a stressful job, I need to ride to relax…”

Anal Retentive; Not a dressage rider. No way. Just because we ride the same test over and over and over and over and over. It’s nothing.

Obsessive compulsive? Sure I ride 302, 20 meter circles each and every time I ride I’m trying to get good at them, yeah!! I’m going with that. Now we could explore why I ride 150 to the left, 150 to the right, 2 in the center…

Delirious? Now.. Come on! There is no way you are going to convince me that…… All right I looked this one up and Webster definition is “uncontrolled excitement or emotion; ecstatic” Sounds more like an Eventer but I think we can keep this one.

Ridged? Where would anyone get that?  We like black tall boots, white breeches, dark jacket (on 95 degree day in full sun) gloves and a helmet. It’s a uniform and badge of honor. Don’t take that away! Don’t tell me we can start wearing polo shirts. If so, they should all be black.

Controlling? Again, not me. Just because my husband needs to clean my boots, call me your majesty and cater to my ever need, prior to realizing I have a need at a show does not make me controlling: I’m stressed…

We are not Antisocial. We like to ride ALONE!!! We like the entire arena to ourselves, so we can spend hours carving precise patterns in the sand without any of you other types messing our foot prints.

… now you know why we are called Queens.