The sweet rush of a good ride

The Euphoria …… The Addiction….

The sweet rush of a good ride – this is the effect of the Dressage Drug. The amazing high you get from a great ride.  It is like a really good shot of  “something” and you can live off that buzz for a while.  You get a spring in your step and a smile on your face.  Just like a drug…. And I know that we are all addicted to the Dressage Drug (insert applicable discipline) and keep searching, training, practicing for more of it.  I got my fix today!! 🙂

You know the ride, we all get them, when the moment you get on everything just ……. works.  You pick up the contact and they are just …. perfect.  We only get these rides once in a while and I am on cloud TEN that this is the 2nd ride like this in the last month.  And, for me, it is all sweeter because it was in the snaffle.

Now for a little back story. Riding in the snaffle has been a bit of a challenge in the last 2 years as I ask for more collection and engagement. The more demanding the work load, the more into the contact Vinny would get, ie. strong, really strong.  Until this winter when I had breakthrough rides in the self carriage and was able to ride in the snaffle easily again like when he was younger – but these days were hard to come by, so I spent most  – ok ALL – of my time in the double.  Hey, I am 5’4 and 115lbs – I am a light weight and have been pulled right up on Vinny’s neck before.  So, you do what you have to sometimes.

Then California happened and it all went in the tank.  Freight train Vinny was back and I had to back pedal to regroup the throughness, self carriage and confidence. Now a few months later, I have a new level of throughness and self carriage – maybe even better than over the winter.  So it was a thrill that 2 weeks ago I had the best ride EVER in the snaffle.

Now this week, I committed to riding in the snaffle all week (no cheating in the double) and it all paid off today.  Another super easy ride in the snaffle, and double whammy and it is the week before my mini show.  Not only one of those euphoric rides that you live for, but the week before the show makes it double strength! 🙂 🙂 🙂

All stoked up on my hit of the dressage drug and now, just wasting time till the show on the weekend.