Gotta keep the tail clean and of course remain fashionable!

Why do we do it?

Why is it that when we fall off and land face first in the dirt, our first reaction isn’t to make sure we’re okay or go clean up our wounds – it’s to get back on our horse and try again?  And when the second time fails, well, that just means it’s time to try yet another time!

Why is it that we spend more time grooming our 4-legged partners than we do grooming ourselves?

My breeches have brown spots all over them from my mare blowing snot, my hair is tangled and caked with sweat, and there’s so much dust on my face that I look like I’ve been tanning poolside?

Well that’s alright… I can go into the grocery store anyway. Who cares about everyone staring at me and wondering why that girl is wearing those weird 80’s tights and dirty beat up boots?  Is that the new trend for 2012??

But…there is NO WAY my mare is going out in public without a proper brushing and hoof picking first!  I mean, look at those yellow stains?  What would people think?? *GASP*

Can I tell you the date that I last went shopping for myself?  Nope I can’t, but I CAN tell you that last Friday I ordered a new fly mask from SmartPak and *OMG* they had a free personalization offer and I simply could NOT pass up the opportunity to have her name stitched onto the front with two cute little pink flowers!

If I am feeling particularly rushed, I will grab some fast food from McDonald’s, even though I know it’s horrible for my diet and I swear I can feel it clogging my arteries with every mouthful I swallow…but God forbid my pony goes a day without a carefully put together mix of feed, with all the supplements she needs to stay healthy and fit!

our first time jumping 2’10”! What a rush!

And exercise??  WELL, I can’t skip a day of our routine or I’ll feel like I’m letting her down, like she’s losing fitness and THEN how is she to be expected to maneuver that cross country course?  But me?  Well, I can’t remember the last time I went for a run, there’s no time after working with her!

Sometimes, I wish I could be my mare.  If someone ticked me off, I could just kick them in the face and they’d go away, no questions asked.  If I couldn’t find a restroom, well, who cares?  I’ll just go where I stand and some sucker will come and clean up after me!

My biggest concern with the entire day would be finding that best bite to eat, and if I felt like getting all disgusting and dirty, no matter, someone would be there that evening to clean me off!  Simply yelling at someone would result in them giving me a treat and telling me how cute I am, and if I didn’t feel like working that day, all I’d have to do is fake a limp and I’d be excused (with pay)!

But for all that seems “crazy” to non-horsey people that we do for our horses, we horse junkies know why we do it.

It’s for the feeling of flight when your horse sky rockets you over that 3’3” fence.  It’s for the wind in your hair as you gallop across that field.  It’s for the look in her eye when you’ve had a bad day and you know that she somehow understands.

My kind of heaven

It’s because we can tell our horses our deepest darkest secrets and they’ll never tell a soul (well, maybe their barn mates, but they can’t tell anyone anyway…wait, is that why the gelding out back was looking at me funny the other day?!)

Anyway…it’s because we share a bond with these special creatures that goes beyond anything else we could have in this world.  Because they’re there for us and willing to give us their all, no matter the weather or the circumstances.

They never bail on us when we make plans with them, they never talk behind our backs or send stinging comments our way.  They’re true and faithful and that’s why we do the crazy things we do.

“The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears” – Arabian proverb