What are your thoughts on show jumping in cross-country gear? Photo by Calina.

For several years, one-day events in the US (at least on the East coast) have followed the format of show-jumping in cross-country gear and then heading straight to cross-country. Here in Canada, although most horse trials in Ontario do run over one day we haven’t adopted this format.

Until now. I was very excited when start times for Glen Oro Horse Trials were  posted last week and this format was to be used. I, for one, am hoping more events in Canada adopt this format.

I see several advantages to this format, including one less warm-up being required. Your show jumping should serve as the majority of your cross-country warm-up.

It should also allow for a shorter day for the majority of competitors. This is especially an advantage if it is pouring rain, as the current weekend forecast suggests. Less ‘costume changes’ will be required, especially for those riding multiple horses.

Will you miss the traditional show jumping attire? Photo by Katrina Mulder.

Of course, everything also has disadvantages.

Will you miss the traditional showjumping attire in your event pictures? It may sound vain, but I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind. What if your horse is unable to show jump in it’s cross-country gear – will the quick boot/tack changes stress you out?

So Horse Junkies – what are your thoughts?

If you haven’t yet competed at a horse trial using this format – are you open to the idea?

If you have competed in this format – do you like it?

Do you miss the old format?

Did you compete at Glen Oro yesterday? What were your thoughts?