It's a beautiful day for a workout!

What Does A Horse Junkie Do When They Are NOT In The Barn?

I know some of us have a life outside the barn.  I for one, have a family – 2 girls and hubby, none of which are very horse-y.  So this means I have another life, an alter ego.  What do I do as wife and mom?

First, as you have guessed, I surf the net.  What do I surf for??? Horse stuff of course!  My husband will come by and say ” how can you spend your day at the barn and then watch horse videos when you get home?”  or “are you still looking at those videos?” or “what do you spend your time doing on the computer?”

I have a few sites I troll religiously, and a few that I go to once or twice a month.   Then there are the YouTube videos and searches.  Then some searches lead you to other destinations and so on and so on and so on!

I try to stay up to date on the dressage world rules and regulations, and what is going on at horse shows across North America – those that are online, that is.  And this all takes time, which I have when I am at home. Because when I am at the barn it is go go go – no rest for the wicked, let alone a pee break.  Some days are jam-packed.

What else do I do?  Surprising even myself, I am turning into an avid gardener.  I would not have thought this is in me, but with a sunny day and time on my hands after the house is clean and laundry done – I can spend time in the yard with my family.

I am actually finding gardening very rewarding.  You plant, it grows, you tend it and it blooms.  We have a small vegetable garden which the kids plant something they might like to eat.  We have done alot of carrots and peas, but we have also tried:

corn (failed, got broken by the crazy kids and dog running around one day),

tomatoes (this year will be the first year they work),

strawberries (they have to live in pots on the table or the dog eats them),

sunflowers that grew about 10-12ft tall and we cooked the seeds (tasted gross),

we tried watermelons (the racoons and squirrels ate them when they started looking like melons),

pumpkins (great) and

we also have a few raspberry bushes, blueberry shrubs and a red currant shrub.

This is definitely NOT saving money at the grocery store, but it is fun picking something from the garden and eating it.  And the kids love it.

Besides, it means I can bring my horse trailer home and clean it out into the garden.  I have a constant supply of fertilizer that goes in the compost and then put into the garden.

Any other gardening alter egos out there?