Ellie in the evening

The decision to move on and forward.

This sentence has been replaying in my brain since Tuesday, when a trip to Lexington , Kentucky enveloped me in everything horses. The best  moment of this trip was the stop at Lexington Horse Park.

As my non-horsey significant other wandered the park with me and appreciated the meticulous landscaping, I was apreciating all of the athletes in front of me. Warming up for their classes, going into their class, and then the long reined walk back to the barn.

When my NHSO (non-horsey significant other) leaned over and said, “how long until Ellie can jump like THAT?”, I wanted to reply “well, never unless I get my butt into gear”.

I realized then that as much as I would like to be a well rounded equestrian, I really have no desire to ever set foot on a cross country course again.

I don’t want to purchase a dressage saddle and I don’t want my horse to be confused about what her job is, because her mommy is confused about what HER job is. And I say this all lightly but really, my brain is ADD enough without having to tackle 3 events in one weekend.

Getting to know a new horse if half the battle. Since some of the quirks have been figured out already, the decision has been made to begin working with a new trainer, and tackle my little off the track Thoroughbred and her quirks, and find her a job we BOTH enjoy.

I’m finding that as my childhood and teen age years groomed me, Hunter/Jumpers is going to be where my horse and I meet in the middle. I will meet her with light contact and a light seat, if she learns how to properly carry herself at the canter. I will stop hanging on her mouth if please, for the love of Peter, she puts her tongue back in and walks loosely on the rein.

And I promise her and myself that we will do what we REALLY want to do and I will always keep her happiness and well-being in mind. What hit me in Lexington though, is, we can’t act on that contract together if I don’t make up my mind for us!

But just like all changes in life, we will get through this one, and a year from now I will look back on it and realize I’m making a bigger deal out of it than it really is. Miss Ellie will transition into her new way of training just fine, (any tips on how to clear up greasy heel quickly? 4 days of vacation and my horse is a muddy wreck!), and hopefully by May we will be using a horse show as a confirmation of how far we’ve come and not just as an “experience”.

On a side note, for those of you that read about my big boy, Keet… I got him out this morning, and after a knicker and a nudge to tell me yes, mom I’m glad to see you, but no mom I have no desire to stop stuffing my face with lush fall grass, fat retired boy ran around and bucked at his pasture buddies as in order to say “seeeeeeee Mom??? I’m still CRAZY. You don’t want to get on and have me buck you off again!”… because yes, hopping on him just for a minute, was entering my mind. A minute! A fleeting thought! How do these horses know us so well?

And who else is addicted to looking at winter blankets and warm barn coats and boots online? Hopefully not just me!