The Mare

After several weeks of stewing on whether or not to sell The Mare, sleepless nights, tears, everyone I know telling me “you can’t sell her.” I placed an ad on the worldwide web. I described her to the best of my ability using “Honesty” and openness. I explained: not a beginner’s horse and certainly not a child’s horse.

I set her price kind of high, to warn off nuts.

I got nuts.

I had people calling wanting to come see her for their 8 year kid.

I had a rough and tuff huge burly man tell me she just needed to have the “spunk worked out” of her and he’d have her understanding who was boss in no time flat.

I had one lady ask me to bring her to their barn (350 miles away) so they can try her out for a month and then they’d let me know… I might have considered that, if they had come look at her first. I had 40 emails and about 25 phone calls.

What was funny is that within a day after the listing was out; suddenly we have a breakthrough in our training. A  full week of awesome rides, light, soft relaxed. We were able to work on things. I’m afraid to say this out loud but it’s been a few weeks now without any setback.

So I got thinking again… I dated my husband for about a year and half before we decided to get married. After nearly 30 years, I still think we are incompatible on certain issues. In fact, after all these years and I still cannot get him to wipe out the bathroom sink in the morning.

I recall the first few years of adjusting to each other, both two people very set in our ways, was very hard and then adding babies to the mix was even harder. So I ask myself: why give up on my mare?

The response  to my first “What to do?” post was overwhelming, and I appreciated the comments. What mainly rang through supported my concern what would happen to her if I was not caring for her.

I feel I’m in tune to her needs, because she can get tense so easily. I do not even like to have a trainer ride her for fear they would “work it out of her”. Unless someone shows up that can really be as sensitive to her as I feel I am; she will be staying.

Our breakthough might be short lived and we might not always connect in the saddle. If I gave up on my husband in the first few years, I cannot imagine where I’d be today. Most likely a childless, horseless middle age woman enjoying a clean sink.  I guess I’m glad we worked through it for the long haul. The clean sink part is alluring.

I’m going to try new things like the Dr. Cook bridle and we’ll play around at different disciplines. The mare does shine in the dressage arena, she loves to strut her stuff for a crowd, it’s just the training to get there that we have issues.

I think back at all the things that have meant the most to me in my life, and not one of them came easily.