Happiness is Looking Through the Ears of a Happy Horse

Balance (as taken from Dictionary.com) is a noun that can refer to a state of equilibrium or equipoise, or a state of mental steadiness, emotional stability, or habit of calmness.

I like the first definition as anything that begins with the prefix equi- has my vote (gigglesnort – sorry, sometimes I crack myself up). The second definition is, well,  pretty much tilting at windmills or finding the Holy Grail, at least in my world.

I’m in the same boat as many other ammie riders out there: I am blessed with a family and a full time job that  supports my beloved Princess Sugar Britches and her monthly set of Jimmy Choos.

Both my kids and I ride,  my daughter plays travel soccer while my son and husband do Krav Maga.  You see where I’m going with this?  Basically, if my butt’s not glued to my desk chair, it’s strapped into a plane or car seat.

Let me give you an idea of typical week at Casa Crazy:

9/17: Daughter and I have horse show. Daughter does well. Me, not so much.

9/18 – 21: Schlep confused cranium/bruised body to Atlanta for 4 day business trip. Fly home, swing by Taco Bell to pick up dinner for kids, and then drive 45 minutes to barn to get them to their lesson. Hug Sainted Mare and Sassy Pony.  Breathe in delicious horse smell.  Sigh….

9/22: Work, take daughter to soccer, head to Party City with son to get supplies for daughter’s pony birthday party, run to store to pick up groceries, pick up kid @ soccer (Thankfully, my PDA tells me when and where I need to be.!)

9/23: Spend day in various medical offices and the ER as head/neck still not right, and need to get checked out before leaving for next business trip. Get home, put together goodie bags for pony party, while husband bakes cake. Pack for next trip.  Have minor panic attack because none of my clothes fit.  Husband responds to potential emergency, by handing me a hefty glass of wine.  Smart man.

9/24: Daughter and I drive to barn for riding lesson, stop by tack store for Twinkle Toes and Twinkle Glitter Gel, go home and decorate cake, then turn around and drive 6 shrieking 10 year old girls back to barn for pony party.  Return, offload girls, unscrew bottle (yep, I said unscrew) of vino and pour large glass.

9/25: Early morning ride, then daughter’s soccer game, then sprint to airport for flight to Las Vegas for business trip.

The second week was pretty much a repeat of the previous week.  Some people have crazy busy schedules and never bat an eyelash,  bless their hearts.  Me, I get a bit overwhelmed at times.  When that happens, I have been known to compensate by having the odd glass of wine or two, eating an entire bag of Oreos or a tub of Pillsbury vanilla icing, or by curling up in the fetal position in my mare’s stall and singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” (I may or may not be kidding about that last one.)

So the other night, I was waffling between making the drive to the barn or staying home and catching up on work.  (Yeah, I know. Type A much?? I’m my own worst enemy, I get it.)  The last thing I wanted to do was face rush hour insanity, but am so thankful I did.  It was such a gorgeous night, so I scrapped plans to work on transitions,  and Sug and I just went for a relaxing wander around the fields surrounding the barn.   Sometimes Mare and Mom just need some quality together time, ya know?

We said hi to several doe and a very impressive buck, and admired the impressively poofy tail of a fox that was doing a bit of hunting on the edge of the hedgerow.   We had our usual grunting competition:  Sometimes as we’re walking along, she’ll grunt and then I’ll grunt back at her.  She’ll respond with another grunt, and off we’ll go, sounding like a couple of pigs on a truffle hunt.  I’m still trying to get this on video, but my clever girl knows when I pull the camera out and stops.  When we got back from our stroll, I gave her a massage, some Stud Muffins, and a couple of schnozz snuzzles.

When I got in my car for the ride home, I realized every last ounce of stress had seeped out of my body.  Who needs work-life balance?  Meh!  Balance, schmalance.  I’ve got a horse.  It’s all good.