It’s a rainy day here in Event Horse Land and I need to clean the house, and do some chores…but instead I’m here looking at pictures on my computer. Just in case you’re interested in some old eventing photos from all over the United States, I’ll let you see some from my private collection — before I throw them out or delete them! 🙂

Jamie Walton riding Herido, Young Rider championships at Woodside (then CTETA), 1983

I took this at Woodside, California, in 1983, and it’s the West Coast Young Rider championships. In those days there were only a few Young Riders on the west coast with horses good enough to jump the required heights so these Young Riders then were quite extraordinary riders, even though few in number at the time.

Torrance Watkins on Swallowtown at Radnor, 1985.

In the barn area of Rolex in 1984

Torrance Watkins on Swallowtown at Radnor, 1985. Owner Diane Marra stands with her back to the camera in the peach shirt; groom Fern is on the right, and former husband Ronald Marra on the left, petting Swallowtown. Torrance is discussing cross-country strategy with Ann Hardaway, mounted, but I don’t have her horse’s name. Ann (ne Taylor) is still eventing and runs a yard in England with her husband. Mrs. Marra is no longer with us, but she was one of the greatest USET event horse owners ever, having owned Better and Better (Mike Plumb) and Poltroon (Torrance).