I received an email the other day. It was so out of the blue, I’m still thinking about it. Several years ago, a neighbor’s young daughter wanted a horse soooo bad. The family did not have a lot of money, but her father managed to get her a free horse.

This horse had some issues and would kick, bite, buck and do other terrible things to the poor girl. The girl wanted to ride a horse so bad, she never told her parents the horse was trying to kill her.

One day, she got tossed so badly, the girl broke her arm. Her father thought the horse need a good “spanking”, the mother thought the horse need to go. The brother said “maybe she needs riding lessons”.

Enter me.

At church one Sunday, the mother asked me if I could help out. After an evaluation of the horse and a near death experience, it was concluded this horse would not EVER! be safe for a young girl, and the horse was sent back to where it came. The girl was so sad.  I began giving her lessons on my horse, while I helped find her a new affordable and safe horse.

I had one child already grown and gone, and another close to leaving. I needed this girl as bad as she needed me. I enjoyed our time together. She came to my house every day after school, to ride. In exchange for her lessons, she would do my dishes or walk my dog. She usually ended eating dinner at my house, and even spent many many weekends.

Together, we spent hours reading horse books, we started a 4-H club, I bought her riding clothes and  took her to shows. Her parents expressed their appreciation often, I thanked them for sharing their daughter just as often. It was a lovely several years. She grew up and we relocated. The girl calls often, emails and keeps me updated on things regularly. We have gotten together to ride and show a few times over the years.

Then, the other day an email showed up that simply read,

“Cheryl, I want to thank you for everything you did for me. I would not be the person I am today if it had not been for all you did.”

This made me think of all the people I should offer a THANK YOU,

Like my old trainer Susan. When my son was having a bad time adjusting to the relocation to Colorado, and almost had a complete stress break down. She took him on, never questioned, always loving and without knowing rebuilt that kid, She was a huge block in the foundation of the man he is today.

Or Dail. I came to you after years of riding, I was about to give up horses completely, I was destroyed and terrified from a series of bad trainers that tore me apart.  You put me back together, built my confidence, made me strong.

There are so many more, like my husband …

Horses are one of God’s most glorious creatures; share the love of these incredible animals with someone.

Take a moment to thank someone who brought you to a horse.