Fun first!

I’ve written several times, how as a child I was a serious horse junkie. As a teen I was a fairly driven highly competitive jumper and as an adult, I jumped ship to dressage.

Having spent the past 27 years raising two highly competitive kids, one figure skater and one equestrian, it was not until this past season that I was able to finally reintroduce myself to the show arena.

I worked pretty hard to ready myself and my horse for our show debut. It took nearly a year and half of riding 5 days a week, and as much time collecting tack and show clothing to get ready for our first season.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I kind of suspected I was not really going to enjoy showing anymore but I never told anyone that.

A monster was born…

Our first show was awesome!!! Who cared about scores. It was so much fun!! I forgot the entire test, I forgot to breath. I lived through it, I stayed in the saddle. That was my goal and I achieved it. Thank the heavens there is NO!!! video footage of the event. I’m sure it was not pretty. But I did it and I loved it.

There goes my baby

At that same event, my son, the equestrian, who came along as he claimed “only to support and help” me; borrowed my horse. A horse he had only ridden once before.

He leaped on her and took her in a class, levels above me. They rode a test my son had never seen until minutes before entering the arena, and they nailed it. He got an 8 on canter transitions. We had not even started cantering yet.

I learned something about myself, that as a mother I never knew I could have this side to me.

There goes my baby…

Goal #1 for next season … kick my son’s a*#!!! in the show arena.

The horse and I attended several more shows, and finished the season with a ton of great memories, new friends and a list miles long to work on for next season. But the number one goal that will keep me warm all winter as I push both me and my horse, is to KICK MY SON’S behind, next year.

To add fuel to that fire, my daughter – the one who never really liked riding – has decreed that she would like to buy a horse and let me teach her how to ride. She is a competitive junkie. Wahoo!!! Double kid butts to kick. It’s gonna be one hot winter in Northern Michigan.