Carrilee Eddy – The Ultimate Horse Junkie

by Carrilee Eddy

I’m an Ultimate Horse Junkie because:

  •  I’d rather do the dishes at the barn kitchen than in my own kitchen
  • My first “unnecessary equine purchase” was a neon pony halter & lead
  • My second, was a pink saddle pad for the same pony
  • I sweep way more often at the barn than at home
  • I volunteered to help with haying (in the heat of July/August!), feeding and stalls
  • I’ve just given my only pair of winter dress boots to my daughter, ’cause she didn’t have warm boots for riding
  • I’m the “ultimate” horse junkie because my daughter and I do this for the horse & pony we ride across the road from where we live – we don’t own them (so that halter, lead, pad are staying with that cutie-pie 30 year old Shetland!)!
  • We’re building a barn/shelter and will have our own, but we’re lucky in the meantime to have the pleasure of this wonderful, joyful work and riding.

I’ve attached a pic of my daughter with the pony she’s been riding since she was 4 – she was 6 when she went on her first trail ride, which was 10 miles! The pony, Ginger, is now 30. The pic of me with the horse I’ve been riding just since May, is what I’m usually doing when I’m with her – totally feeling the joy! It had been 30 years since I’d ridden (aside from a few lessons & trail rides) so that might explain the extreme joy to those other horse junkies out there.

Carrilee Eddy
Nova Scotia, Canada