Yes, Timmy needs all this stuff!

Dear Santa,

It has been almost a year since I last wrote to you. You may remember me. I am Timmy’s Mom…the HORSE JUNKIE from Virginia. Now I know that last year, I asked for several things for Timmy and me…new barn boots, new breeches, Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Balls (this one from Timmy as you might expect), a jumping saddle and a few blue ribbons for our collection. Perhaps you mistakenly left a couple of those things at the wrong barn by mistake.

In an effort to correct that problem this year, I have created a list that should leave no questions as to where we are and what is on our list. So Santa, as you load up your sleigh, remember how good Timmy and I have been all year. Pay no attention to the nay-sayers that tell you we have enough already.

Truly, there is no such thing for a HORSE JUNKIE. We always need things. With all due respect Santa, here is our list:

1. Jumping Saddle. I still want a County please. It doesn’t matter that we only jump a couple of times a year. We want to be safe when we do. You can leave this in my trailer next to my other two saddles…or in my tack cubbie. You may need to bring a portable saddle rack to accommodate the new saddle, but I am sure you have one. If not, I have one in my garage that I’m not using. It’s next to the 4 large Rubbermaid tubs that hold Timmy’s blankets.

2. A Medium Weight Baker Blanket. I know Timmy already has 5 medium weights, but I DO love a Baker plaid and it would match the Baker sheet, Baker cooler and Baker chest/butt bar covers that I have. Since the aforementioned Rubbermaid tubs are full, you can leave the new blanket on the blanket bar on his stall. Just move aside the two blankets that are currently hanging there.

3. Dressage Boots. You know what kind Santa…I left the brochure in the tack room. White and warmblood size. The white set and black set that he already has are in the tub in my cubbie, so you can leave the new ones on top of that tub. The black ones are new so I don’t need another set of them, but I have used the white ones a few times. Those boots are SO pretty…and functional. I think Timmy would look so handsome in them.

4. XC Boots. I know Timmy has 2 sets of boots already but I could keep the others as backups in case the new boots wear out…although I doubt that would happen…particularly since I don’t do XC –but Santa, my trainer takes him from time to time. She’s a 4 Star Eventer….she can’t have Timmy looking shabby on the course.

5. Breeches. FITs Wind Pro Full Seat Breeches in Taupe. Just so you know I am not greedy, I just ordered the graphite ones. I don’t mind paying for one if you will bring the other color. You can hang them in my closet next to the other 5 pair of FITS breeches. They are just awesome Santa and since I ride so much, I need backup pairs for any that might be in the laundry.

6. Horse Treats. Really any kind will do. Timmy has a new 20 lb bag of apple wafers and 2 Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Balls in his “stash” but he could run out, so whatever you may have around, he would really appreciate. He is really a GOOD BOY and deserves all the rewards we can give him. P. S. ..He has enough apples for now. There is a 10lb bag of Red Delicious in the refrig in the feed room.

7. An Ecogold¬† Saddle Pad. I just love these Santa. I love the commercial where it shows the M & M’s still intact after attempts at crushing them inside the pad. Timmy doesn’t have any pads like that. You can just leave that under my Christmas tree, because I don’t think there there is any more room in my cubbie to stack saddle pads on top of the 6 that are there. My white show pads are in my storage room in plastic. I think there are 4 of them (or is it 5?)…anyway, if you will bring me a new one, I promise I will pay for the monogramming myself.

8. A new pair of Dehner Custom Dress Boots. The zipper broke on my current pair so until I get that fixed, I would like a new pair. I have a spare pair of dress boots but they aren’t Dehners and well, I DO love having custom boots. Spanish tops, please?

9. Party Decorations. As you know Santa, we celebrate Timmy’s birthday every year with a party and all his friends come…equine and human. We need a few more things to make this year’s party really FAB! We have the horse cake pans, cupcake decorations, party hats, leis, crazy glasses and favors, but I’m sure there is something we left out. Perhaps some more treat bags for his buddies? Homemade horse treats? A photo booth. It would not be a waste Santa…we love to party at our barn.

Santa, that should do it for the short list.

I am still taking a full inventory of our horse things, but there is no way I will be able to do it in time for Christmas. Between the barn, the trailer, the storage room, the tack room, my office and my closet, there are just hours of work and lest you forget, I DO work full time.

Oh and I haven’t even gotten to the list of things I want to bring to our local equine rescues. I have a pile in the garage for them, so feel free to add to it. You will see the extra leads, halters, bits, reins, pads, treats, etc. for them. The rescues here do such great work Santa…I promise I will keep them in mind this Christmas, so I ask you to do the same. Timmy has a lot of buddies who need to find their forever homes and we want to make sure they are doing well until that happens. You can be there hero Santa…Just like you are ours!!

Merry Christmas from me and Timmy. Please don’t forget us HORSE JUNKIES this year. We need love (and STUFF) too!


Geri and Timmy