Jen Pretty = Horse Junkie 4 Life

What Makes Me the Ultimate Horse Junkie, by Jen Pretty

Dear Horse Junkies,

Being a horse junkie involves more than just buying tons of tack and apparel. It’s a state of being that influences every action throughout your day.

  • You wake up and check for horse related emails and then, scan various horse bulletin boards, sale sites, and groups while coffee is brewing.
  • You don’t have friends who don’t have horses.
  • Your google search history is full of only horse related topics.
  • Your computer/phone/etc screen is a photo of your horse.
  • Your password for banking, facebook and email is your horse’s name with a few token numbers for extra security.
  • When you need to  buy a gift for a non-horsey family member, you shop at your local tack store and hope you find something they’d like.
  • Your feed store knows your name, phone number and address without looking you up and will even recognize you by voice on the phone.
  • Your Facebook profile picture is your horse and you have 10x more pictures of your horse than you do of your family.
  • You have your vet and farrier on speed dial
  • You worry all night when your horse is acting ‘weird’, even though there doesn’t seem to be anything actually wrong
  • You schedule your own life around your horse’s daily routine.
  • You know the names of more horse diseases than human, and can diagnose a horse’s injury or illness before the vet arrives.
  • You are fully aware of what your horse is saying at every moment, even though he can’t speak English.

I think those of us who are true horse junkies can completely understand the driving passion to know more, understand more and be more too our equine friends. I always say when it comes to horses, you either get it, or you don’t.

horse junkie 4 life.

Jen Pretty