A Small Segment of the Equine Library…

Horse Junkies have often heard others term their passion for horses an obsession, a preoccupation, compulsion, or fixation – pick your adjective. I don’t know why they say this like it’s a bad thing. Yeah, it ain’t cheap, it’s risky, and it takes a lot of time. But really, it’s not like gambling, booze, or crack, for heaven’s sake.

Or is it? Not too long ago my husband looked around at all my horse related books, magazines, DVDs and videos, and commented, “You know, if you didn’t have all this stuff, you could probably have bought another horse.” Of course I laughed his comment off, but then it got me to thinking. And doing the math, or at least a rough guess-timate.

I have, at last count, 53 books on equine topics – riding theory, horse care, equine massage, grooming, you name it. At any given time you will find at least 4 stacked on my nightstand. Just for kicks, I actually started adding up the cost of each book, but stopped after about 10 as I was starting to feel a bit queasy.

OK, so I have a lot of horse books. Big deal. I love horses and I’m a voracious reader. (Rationalization, much? Guilty as charged. Sue me.)

So then it was off to the basement to check out the DVD collection. They’re in the basement because the treadmill is in the basement, and I watch my equestrian DVD collection while I’m on the treadmill to distract me from the fact that I hate the dang thing. I counted 43 DVDSs and videos, ranging from the George Morris Horsemastership series to 14 Show Jumping Clinic DVDs to various World Cups, Olympics, WEGs, and major Eventing championship videos. Throw in various clinic DVDs, massage tutorials, and other training videos and that about sums up the collection.

Again, a quick guess at what I’d spent on the entire collection left me in a cold sweat. Uh-oh.

I then counted up my equine magazine subscriptions. I have 6. That’s not counting the ones I pick up at the local tack shop (they’re free, thankfully!)

Finally, there are the online video service subscriptions. I have 2 of those, FEITV and EquestrianCoach.com.

Oh crap. It’s definitely like crack. I’m addicted to equine information! I’m a ho for horse learning! However, my husband is wrong. Sortof. Maybe I could have BOUGHT another horse with the money I spent on all these books, DVDs, and subscriptions. However, I could not have afforded to board that horse. I could, however, have taken 53 more lessons on the horse I do have, attended roughly 7 clinics, done 8 local one day shows or 1 week at a nearby away show. Double crap.

Right now I’m telling myself, I picked up more than just a hefty credit card bill from my collection. Sooner or later I’m gonna believe that.