If Tucker could talk...... what would he say?

If Tucker could talk…… what would he say?

My family and I have been going to the barn to see the horses on Christmas Day for a REALLY long time.  In the ‘old’ days, this was a day the horses were fed but not turned out nor the stall cleaned.

 So, after our morning festivities and big breakfast the whole family – my brother included, would drive out to the barn.  Turn Speedy out – who would always put on a little show of running and bucking about, clean the stall and go for a walk.

I estimate I have been at the barn on Christmas Day, for the last 26 yrs.  There have been cold, sunny days – snowy, white days (maybe only 1 or 2 of those in BC), and mostly wet, grey days. But what a fun day to be at the barn and not even ride!

Everyone was chipper and happy, there were always treats for the people in the tackroom.  Now, the family that makes it to the barn includes my husband, 2 kids, the dog, my parents, my brother, his wife and now their 9 month old.  No stalls to clean or anything like that now – just have to go and feed the ponies dinner. It is always nice feeding them because you are the most important person in the world to them at that moment!  They adore you …. nice to be adored.

One of my friends, Marianne, also loves going to the barn because as a kid she remembers a book where the animals can talk on Christmas Day.   So I guess we will all go and all listen to see who chats us up.  I bet it will be Finn, because of any of them he is the most chatty already!  Maybe Riley because he will want dinner quickly, but unlikely Volte or Vinny because they are aloof and rather act out than say anything.

Have a good Christmas!!!   Alison