The Empty stall …. still waiting

I have been searching for a new dressage partner, for over two years. Not that I’m awful picky, I just have my heart set on a certain horse and I so wanted to go the route of adoption this time.

I have been working with several groups, and when our HJU boss asked us to unit to create a post for Christmas featuring horses needing homes, I was quick with my hand up, I know plenty.

I am preregistered and on the wish list with a number of different groups in hopes to find my soul mate. They all have some great horses but I have not found the one to fit me; either the horse is too small or too many past injuries or something. But they are good people trying to help horses and the chance to help a horse is awesome.

I’m a huge fan of Karma; do good for others, someday good will happen to you. Not true. I’m just sucker for helping others and I don’t really think about getting anything out of it, I just love doing it. My husband says I’ll die of “v” disease, Volunteerism junkie.

The process for me trying to find a horse through an adoption, has been hard. Several times, when a horse did come along that was even close to fitting my dream, he got snatched up before I could get to meet him. A couple of times, I was even promised by a group that they would hold the horse for me to have first chance at it, only to arrive at the barn and the horse was gone. I’ve spent more money on plane tickets and rental cars, than if I had just went out bought a fully trained second level horse.

While working with the other HJU writers, I noticed a site I had not heard of, so I dropped in to check it out.

There he was!!! The horse of my dreams. The first sight of him brought tears to my eyes. I quickly emailed the group to inquire if he was available and while I awaited the reply, I filled out the application. Mind you, the application required money to process which was taken from my account almost as fast as I hit send. On the application, I made it clear I was interested in this one horse.

As the day went on, I received an email telling me the horse was indeed available and throughout the weekend I had several more email communications with the group, all making it perfectly clear I wanted THIS HORSE!!!

Of course, I had to inform all my references what was going on and that they would be getting another call checking on me. Of course, they wanted pictures and videos of this guy who just took me over the moon. My husband informed me he was paying for this horse completely as my Christmas gift. This was turning out be the best Christmas EVER!!!

It was coming together perfectly. I even had a friend traveling to deliver a horse in Texas and would back haul this horse for me as a favor. WAHOOO!!!

On Monday, my trainer told me she got a call from the group asking if I was a worthy enough for a horse.

On Tuesday afternoon, I received a voice mail telling me my application was approved.

I could hardly breathe. I have not been this excited since I was seven years old and got woke in the middle of the night to meet my first horse.

After a few rounds of phone tag, I finally connected with Sandy to be told: ‘oh! too bad that horse is gone. He got adopted Sunday.’

I’m still crying…..

Karma my #&s ……. I guess the key word is “someday”. I know will continue to help others ‘cause that is just who I am. Although it sucks to be me right now and yes I plan a huge pity party after the anger dies down.

Gosh!! Could you imagine how devastating this could have been if I was a child and had picked that horse for Christmas only to be told to bad you lose…..