Finn, The Baby

Everyone had New Year’s Resolutions.  Here is a barn full of ’em.

Finn…  The Baby.  Finn is just beginning the idea of New Year’s Resolutions.  Being 4 this year, he would like to improve his body building and body awareness.  In addition, he would like to work on the amount of time he can concentrate without distraction.  He also hopes this will be the year he gets the extra food everyone else in the barn gets at breakfast and dinner.

Steddy…. The Teenager.  New Year’s Resolution is to improve his concentration and his tenacity to keep on trying.  Being a big kid of 7, he knows his job but still plays around a little bit. So he would like to focus that energy and he would also like a spa day so he can get prettied up.  Tho not too vain, he is a wee bit too concerned about his devilish good looks.  Oh, another Resolution is to stop digging.

Volte… The adult.  Volte has not a lot to improve, he is an earnest and hard working gentleman.  His New Year’s Resolutions include trying to stop banging the feed bucket while he eats because he keeps bonking himself in the face but can’t seem to help himself.  He would also like to continue being as sweet as he can be for all 18 hh of him.

Riley.. A Young Adult.  Though the oldest in the barn, Riley is young at heart and still quite enthusiastic.  So his New Year’s Resolutions include trying to keep his blanket clean and trying to contain his enthusiasm when cantering around the track.  In addition, he would like everyone to keep things away from his stall door, because he just can’t help himself from grabbing it and chewing.  So to help him with that New Year’s Resolution, please.

Vinny, begging for treats. Maybe he could add "nickering to me" to his list of resolutions.

Zoe… The Young Lady.  Zoe is still top mare in the barn, ok the only mare.  Zoe will be working on listening rather than talking, because during work sometimes, she thinks she knows better and decides what to do next rather than waiting for direction.  And to slow down and enjoy things, rather than rushing around just getting it over with.

Romeo… The Pre-Teen.  Romeo is going to be taking confidence training classes this year.   Being ultra polite and loving attention, Romeo would like to be a tough guy and has dreams of becoming a fearless leader.

Vinny.  The old Pro.  Vinny did a lot this year working his personal development. For 2012, he is lofty goals of being stronger and fitter as well as learning a few new tricks.  Even tho he would rather prance around the field, the treats and cookies are worth working for.

Tucker.  Barn Dog.  Tucker is going to work on restraining himself from begging so shamelessly for treats from the horse’s people.  He also will be trying to resist the temptation to grab any bit of carrot or apple that hits the floor – especially when it is in the stall.  Getting slower with age, he is not able to rush in, grab the carrot and get out.  In fact, he will attempt to stay out of the stall altogether.  He was never allowed in the first place.

Happy New Year’s Resolutions and hopefully, they will not fall by the wayside before the end of January.

Cheers, Alison.