This was one of the first pictures my mom took of us!

 He’s back!!! My personal favourite guest blogger is weighing neighing(??) in on the next chapter in his life. It has been a pretty exciting and devastating couple of weeks for varying reasons. Rather than me try to explain it – and so I don’t end up in a sobbing puddle of Carrie crumpled on the floor – I think it would be best if it came straight from the horse’s mouth….

From Chester:

Hello kids! Happy New Year!!! Did you all eat too much? My mom was telling me that she felt as though she ate too much and it was a good thing I am still on the Injured Reserve list because my narrow little self wouldn’t be able to handle her fat ass…pffft, ummm helllloooooo, didn’t anyone tell you I weigh 1,100 pounds? Anyways, I have some exciting news!!!! Well, I am definitely more excited about it than my mom…but deep down I know she is excited too.

For the past couple of months, I have been living happily in a huuuuge field with my buddy Rosco. We have a huuuuge loafing barn with deep straw that keeps us warm at night AND we can come and go as we please. It rocks!  Rosco is just a punk-ass kid and I have been trying to teach him some manners. Sigh, 3 year olds. I have had both my winter blankets ripped, the neck cover torn off my Rambo – Mom said a lot of words I had never heard before when she saw it hanging off my neck one afternoon – and my halter busted. I mean, yes we can all act like a bunch of donkeys sometimes, but this kid needs to smarten up already!  Geesh.

I loved having fun at Maplewood schooling shows!! This one was from September, 2010!

Anyways, mom came to visit me the other day and she seemed different. Happy to see me – and I was happy to see her obviously – but it was a different kind of happy…her eyes looked sad almost. Then she told me something I never thought I would hear. She said “Guess what Pickle, you get to go back home. Back to Lesley.” At that point, she got sorta teary eyed and put her forehead into my neck.

I turned and gave her a little nudge with my head because I could tell she was upset – and that made me upset. But on the inside I WAS SO HAPPY I WANTED TO RUN AND BUCK AND WHINNY AS LOUD AS I COULD!!!

Lesley is the only other mom I have EVER had!!!! She raised me from a baby when my birth mother wasn’t able to do it on her own. She had me for the first 8 years of my life and taught me EVERYTHING. Manners, how not to be scared of the farrier and vet, what dressage was, how a hunter horse should act (not my favourite thing, but I learned a LOT) and she taught me how to love.

I was so sad when I didn’t see her anymore. But, I learned really quickly that Carrie had just as much love to give me that Lesley did and that it made not seeing her easier….even though I thought about her every single day. She did after all raise me to the horse I have become.

Practice Makes Perfect – I will take the credit for teaching mom about the benefits of having soft hands.

Mom tells me that I am going back to Lesley’s farm in a couple of weeks and that she is so so happy for me. (I believe her, but deep down, I know she is hurting.) She tells me that her and Lesley have been talking and have a great plan in place for me in the Spring. I get to take care of Lesley’s adult beginner riders who are learning how to walk and trot!!! I am so so so so excited about that!!!!!

I know I am not going to be able to run and jump anymore, but, at least I get to help people learn how to ride! I might even be able to go over some trotting poles! Carrie also told me not to get too excited yet.

We still have a couple months left of winter which will help me heal even more from my soft tissue injury in my foot. This is a good thing because unless I am 100%, I am not allowed to help the beginners.

So, there you have it. My days as an event horse are over…I knew that a long time ago, even though I know my current mom didn’t want to give up on me. I can’t thank her enough for her determination and for getting me all the veterinary help and treatments she could to try and help me heal and get better.

She told me the other day that she would give anything to have another xc ride on me. That made me really proud. I remember always wanting to take care of her when we left the start box, no matter what happened out there.

Canterdown was my favourite event. Here we are waiting to leave the start box in my 2nd EVER event!! I want to do this again so bad…

Even though I am terrified of the horse eating monsters that live in the water – even though Mom told me I was being ridiculous – even though I didn’t and still DON’T believe her about there being no monsters…I always tried my heart out for her because I trust her enough that I know she wouldn’t ask me to do anything she didn’t think I could handle. That also made me really proud.

Come hell or high water, she wanted me to get better. What she doesn’t realize, is that I AM better. I am just not physically better enough to do what both she and I want me to be able to do.

While I have absolutely come to terms with that, I know my mom is still trying to deal with it, accept it and get over it. I hope that when she sees how happy I will be in the Spring – and when I go back to where I was born – because I KNOW I will be happier doing this, then living in a field being a good looking lawn ornament – it will be the closure she needs to be able to fully be okay with what happened.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sad too. I want to leave that start box just one more time, just as much as she does…to prove it to her that I will always try my heart out for her.

See you in a couple weeks from my new-old home….