A good home for another OTTB – Photo courtesy of E. Daignault

Yesterday, we posted a “how-to” on re-homers — experienced horse people who love and care properly for Thoroughbred ex-racehorses. Well, folks, if you’re at work — check back on your break, and if you’re at home, get out the kleenex, because I’ve got a good one.

Remember the story broken early this week by the Paulick Report about the four ex-racehorses who were not lucky enough to find those “good homes” promised to them, and the young woman who was charged with fraud in the transactions. She was summarily fired as a riding instructor by a farm in Pennsylvania.

Here’s a very happy sidebar to this horrible tragedy: over the holiday weekend, my friend went up to Penn National racetrack and made arrangements to look at a CANTER-listed young thoroughbred for sale.

He had a dismal race record, the promise of soundness, good conformation, and long ears. She liked him, liked his owner, they made the deal. This is not her first OTTB, but she was in a position to obtain a partner for her current 12-year-old off-tracker, a lovely big bay gelding who is a serious carrot addict. She made arrangements to ship him to his new home yesterday.

I’ll let her pick up the story here:

“Here’s the short “highlight reel”:

1.) Gave me more kisses when I arrived.

2.) Let me put on the shipping boots in the stall and only did a duck walk for a lap and a half.

3.) walked right onto trailer in the dark and sleeting and stood stock still the whole time.

4.) Stayed standing in the trailer quietly when we got him home, while I cleaned and bedded stall and then brought him in.

5.) He doesn’t know what Peppermints or even CARROTS are??!!!! OMG. We WILL fix this. LOL. Will play with him tomorrow.”

That’s a “good home”, racehorse trainers. And get out the kleenex. The stable where he is staying?

Great Scott Farm, in Malvern — the Pennsylvania farm where Kelsey Lefever was fired from.