While we were at the barn the other day my girlfriends and I were giggling about the hottest new equestrian phenomenon on the interwebz, Equestrian Ryan Gosling and my friend’s response to it on her blog, which she titled Equestrian Ryan Reynolds. Sugar, being a bright and opinionated mare, thought that it wasn’t fair that the two-legged females got all the fun, so she crafted her own version, featuring well known stallions.

I guess females of all species fantasize about a guy who says the right thing at the right time…

Anyway, Sug caught some flak for that from the geldings in her barn. Seems the boys felt that just because, well, you know, they were missing certain, er, paraphernalia, it didn’t make them any less MALE. So in the interests of fair play and making it up to her friends, here’s Sugar’s take on the Equestrian Ryans, Gelding Style!

 And now, for the special geldings in her life, Sug would like to add these next two….