here is a peak at the title page of the Spring Show Prize List.... look carefully and you might see some of my notes in the margins!

It is March, practically spring, and the show organizers are in full swing getting ready for the summer show season for 2012.  While some of us have distant ideas of showing this year, or are in sunny, southern states – the horse show coordinators are busy at work getting this organized for the summer.  BECAUSE… it takes MONTHS to get this put together!

First you have to submit your show dates to Equine Canada for 2012 in Sept of 2011.  And you have probably booked your judges by then too because they are busy people.  Then you can sit on your laurels for a few months as the fall sets in and Christmas comes along, but by January you better be thinking about what the show will be like in May.

As you might remember from previous blogs, I have been looking for new and fun things to help spice up the horse shows out here in the Lower Mainland of BC, and more specifically at Southlands Riding Club.  We came up with MANY ideas, but we decided not to go with everything but to make a few key changes with some sponsors and see where it takes us.

First, Debbie Rogal (manager of Southlands Riding Club) and I worked out how to put together the Hospitality Tent.  What will it be, where will it be and how will it work.  So for the next show we are going to have the Hospitality Tent out on the grass by the clubhouse to create a little gathering place.  Between 8 am and 10 am, we will have coffee and maybe some goodies out for riders, parents, spouses, and friends.  From 10 am till 4 pm, you will be able to pick up your tests, ribbons, prizes and sign thank you cards.  On Saturday, this will be the center of our silent auction and the locale of our Competitors Party.

And what a Party we are planning!  We have a beer sponsor – Mission Springs Brewery, and our party hosts are Jane MacDonald and Nicolette Marshal – 2 active Southlands Riding Club members and avid dressage ladies.  Not only a party, but at the party we will be awarding our Championships, having the finale of our Gamblers Stake Classes and you can pick up your silent auction items.

At the moment, we busy at work on the Spring Show Prize list.  Which will have to be out 60 days prior to the show – can you believe we are already single digit weeks from the BC Season Opening show?!?!?  and it still feels like winter!

In the Prize list, we have a few new classes.  On Friday, the show is offering Amateur Only Classes including the FABULOUS new Arista Equestrian Amateur Medal Class.  On Saturday, will be the Gamblers Stake Classes.  On Sunday, the Ecogold 49ers Class.  This show will also qualify for The PSG Chase.  Also on Sunday, Southlands Riding Club is sponsoring a Dressage Trail Class and this class will be FREE!  Open to the first 10 entries, and all entries get a prize.  Come and see if you dressage horse can do some Trail obstacles.  Don’t panic, it will be tame  – no crazy stuff!  All of these new things in addition to the new stalls being constructed and new organization to the stabling area.

You might be asking yourself “What is the Arista Equestrian Amateur Medal?”  or “What is an Ecogold 49er?” and “PSG Chase? What the heck?”  and “What is the Gamble in the Gamblers Stake Class? Is there money?”

Stay tuned to read about these fun new things next time.  And these are the ones I can talk about so far!  Not including the few that are still in the wings being tweaked and organized!  Exciting and Fabulous Dressage in BC!

Until next time,