The race is on Alberta - BC is hot on your tails for the best show EVER! PS that is my hubby finishing the GranFondo bike race last yr!

Looks like BC is now getting into the dressage video production like Alberta.  And a little side competition starts…..  that of the show organizers to see who can make their show the coolest.

After seeing that not only is Alberta getting another CDI (PS. this isn’t the first! there was one in Edmonton 2 yrs ago) and BC still has NEVER had one, but they are also having $25K in prize money!   I think a lot of BC riders started pencilling in this show into their seasons calendar.

Then I saw the video they made up to help promote the show – Dressage with Prize Money

Humphf….a promo video? Really???  I wanna promo video!  BC is hot for horse shows too ,even if we don’t have money!  AND we are gonna have some super fun times here in BC with some fan-tabulous prizes I might add.

So I thought we should have a promo video too.

Keep in mind I got this idea from my big kid who was showing me her video and how easy it is to make one.  So I made this after she went to bed.  Here is our cool video ad for our shows in BC.  Ok it might not be super cool, but maybe at least a wee bit funny.

Cool Promo Video for 2012 BC Dressage Shows – Ha!  Take that Alberta

So, RMSJ – the competition is on!

Ribbons for the Spring Dressage Show at Southlands Riding Club.

Seriously… to make BC Dressage Shows more fun, we brainstormed trying to reinvent the wheel and came up with new, exciting classes! All being brought out with a bang at the Southlands Riding Club Spring Dressage Show, May 4-6 2012

The Arista Equestrian Amateur Medal is an amazing program that Fran, Gail and I created to support amateur dressage riders in BC. This is a program that will be offered at 9 BC Gold Level Dressage Shows in 2012 and Arista Equestrian has committed to continuing this program for the next 5 yrs.

Offered in First level Test #3 – the winner of the designated Arista Equestrian Amateur Medal Class will receive an embroidered saddle pad and an embroidered Arista vest. At the end of the year, a Grand Prize winner will be drawn from all the class winners. At the Pacific Regional Championships in October, Arista Equestrian is hosting a competitors party and drawing the name of the Grand Prize winner – who will win an Arista Jacket and Arista Breeches. Thank you Arista for you amazing commitment to amateur dressage in BC!

What is an Ecogold 49er? This is another exciting new class being offered at the Spring Dressage Show at Southlands Riding Club. Offered at Training through Fourth, an Ecogold 49er is an amateur rider who has had at least one 49th birthday. The winner of these classes are taking home one of the amazing Ecogold saddle pads – you know the ones all the Canadian Dressage Team riders have?!?!

A Gamblers Stake Class – are we gonna win some money? You betcha! Just like the old add back classes, the prize money will come from the entries – more entries, more money! But the catch is – the winner of the class will not automatically win the cash. The class will run as a normal class and be pinned like usual. However, to claim the Stake, the rider will have to bring their test paper to the Saturday Night Exhibitors Party. At the Party we will be drawing a number out of a hat and the rider with the highest mark on that movement wins the cash. So pretty much anyone can win! Ties will be broken the same way and narrowed down till we get a winner!

Lastly another exciting program starting in the Lower Mainland, is The Prix St George Chase. This PSG Chase series has a jackpot prize of $2000 to be split between Open riders $1000 and Amateur riders $1000. Sponsors are just being confirmed now! Riders will have to register before their scores will count and the rider with the highest total of 3 PSG scores will win the cash. Only 5 shows qualify for this series: Spring Dressage Show, Touch of Class, Canada Cup, BC Dressage Championships and the Pacific Regional Dressage Champs. The winner will be announced at the Arista Party at the Pacific Regional Dressage Championships in October.

New!!! Is The Saddle Doctor is sponsoring Third Level Test #3 Open with a new Samshield Helmet. Leslie McGill (the actual Saddle Doctor) is excited to sponsor dressage with the new helmets she is representing and will do so at a few dressage shows in BC this year. Especially with the new helmet rule in Canada this year!