If successfully introduced, the non-horsey other-half can one day achieve this... HJU blogger Kerry's very unhorsey OH Alan, with newborn foal Jinni.

There comes a time in every horse junkie’s life, when the love interest (human) needs to be introduced to the horse world. If done successfully, it will ensure a harmonious relationship between human and equine partners. Here is my advice (for women):

  • When introducing the new boyfriend to your horse, refrain from saying “And this is Harley, the love of my life”. It may not lead to the best start in the relationship, even if it’s true.
  • A great way to make the human bond with the horse, is to make him discover the joys of grooming….  “It’s lovely that you’re so gentle with my horse when you groom it, but using the softest brush is not going to get that mud off. A bit of elbow grease will not hurt the horse….” When I say the horse, I mean you
  • When he’s paying for any horse expense, never mention the price….. Actually, that’s a rule that applies to any situation!
  • Get him involved! “Make sure you bring the camera at the horse show, as you always get great shots”……. Shame they’re all of the lady in the other arena, two down from where I was!”
  • Don’t worry if you lose your other half at an event. There are many lost and found points dotted around the event – these are often labelled under names such as ‘The Burger Van’ or ‘The Pimms Tent’.
  • Never mention the fact that sports stars can be spotted at events, as this could lead to excess excitement. Luckily, Mike Tindall lives a fair distance away from us, otherwise a restraining order may have been put in place!
  • A hot toddy or a quick sip of gin is perfectly acceptable before jumping; however, when he cracks open a tin before lunch, I threaten him with AA.
  • Your other half will start getting interested in the sport… “Darling, just because a glamour model may be attending, doesn’t mean she’ll be riding topless – I think there’s a rule or even law about allowing that!”
  • He will start making horsey jokes…. “When I ask you to pass me the stud, please don’t try and be clever and stand in front of me without the stud – I’m asking for a piece of metal not using a pet name.”
  • He will start trying to impress you… “When you see your favourite rider wearing a number, it’s not like football where that number stays with them at every event…… so you’re going to look a bit odd in that replica XC top you’ve made with Boyd Martin 203 on the back.”
  • Successful introduction –> “As soon as I hear you say the words “That was a nice day!” I’ll sign you up for attending all the events remaining that season.”

Do you have any other tips?