Some see mud, I see a gold mine!

Our barn is small and we could use some revenue to get a few things done. We really don’t want any more boarders, the arena and aisle ways are crowded as it is.

We want new footing; we want a new outdoor arena. We’d love to have better wiring.  The owner stands on a bucket to turn on the lights. Some of the fencing is so old, that it falls apart if you look at it.

We love what we have, but we need some new stuff. Oh yes!!! And we’d love a bathroom.

Some of the other barn members thought a tack and bake sale could help.

My thought is, let’s turn the place into a spa and fitness center a few weekends a month.

What does a Spa and Fitness Center have that we don’t?  Nothing….

You go to the spa for a relaxing day of treatments. We can offer:

  •   Head to toe pore cleansing. No treatment in the world cleans pores better, than a few hours in the hay loft stacking bails.
  •   Then there is the added benefit of the bending, twisting, lifting. This kind of workout at a health center would cost a fortune; require many pieces of equipment and an expensive personal trainer. The bending, twisting, and lifting wards off osteoporosis, strengthens the cardio, and burns calories like nothing else.
  •  Plus, you get a complete body exfoliation. Nothing exfoliates the body better than hay. Within seconds, it will get into places you’d never had thought to “exfoliate”.

If you only want the half day special, one can go experience the pleasure of mucking stalls. A bit more bending, lifting, twisting, but the product that ends up on the body and face is so worth the experience.

If it has rained in the past few weeks, a mud bath is likely. The client can experience this relaxing and destressing opportunity in a variety of creative ways:

100% all natural beauty product

One can go out to chase catch my horse. My horse has that expertise of getting mud everywhere.

Another mud bath method and a barn favorite (meaning we love to watch this happen) when an inexperienced person  is sent out to retrieve a horse from the pasture.  We have one “friendly” mare that, as soon as someone turns their back to her, has the talent of flipping the person in the mud face first. It’s lovely.

After the mud treatments, a stimulating dip in the pond will clean you right up. The added adventure of being chased by a muskrat will re-start you heart, no worries.

There is this spa over at one of the ski resorts nearby that offers a weekend of Equine experience. For a huge chunk of change, you can touch a horse.

At “Chez-o-muddybarn”, we can offer so much more.

Ever had a complete rub down from a sweaty horse’s face? Amazing effects…

Then there is the fine dining. For example there is the ever healthy and low cal cup of oats. It’s so good for the heart, cholesterol and teeth.

We have manure and lots of.  Have I told you about the benefits of a manure pack???

I’m sure with a good marketing plan, colorful brochures and a fancy name; I’ll have the funding for a bathroom in no time… ok maybe a porta-potty.


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