Kathryn & Marlibu at their first show together!

Things in Denmark have been busy. Spring looks like it’s actually going to show up this year, the sun is shining and the horses are happy to go in the field naked! The boss has been gone teaching clinics a lot, which means more riding for me.

All “my”  horses have been going well, but this Grand Prix business is pretty hard. This means there are no shows in my immediate future. I don’t have the interest in taking my mare to any more “small tour” (Prix St George) shows, so we are just going to keep working at home until I feel like I can take my currently sketchy one-tempi’s in public, and try an Intermediare II.

However, I get to live vicariously through others here who are getting to the horse shows. Just a few weekends ago our awesome groom/working student, Kathryn Darby, had her Danish dressage show debut.

Kathryn hails from somewhere in Ontario (I’m a West Coast girl, so it’s all the same to me) and has been with us since June of last year. She was only going to stay for six months, but we have all decided she’s never allowed to leave! Even though her job is very adamantly described as a NON RIDING POSITION, she has been allowed to ride. It started with just walking the horses, maybe going out for a hack, then a little warm up here and there. Over time Kathryn has really improved her position, feel, and timing; it’s been very cool to see her progression.

A big part of her improvement has come in a small ride; Marlibu is a 13.2hh German Riding Pony we have here. I’m not quite sure how she ended up at the farm but we’re just happy she’s here. She’s a sale “horse” but since none of us have our finger on the pony-pulse, she’s never been really marketed. While it’s bad for business, it has turned out to be great since she’s a blast to ride!

Marlibu is somewhere between 2nd & 3rd level, knowing the lateral work but not confirmed in the changes. (She does, however, know the beginnings of piaffe and spanish walk. How fun?! ) This means she has a lot to teach, and Kathryn has been a great student.

So they went to their first dressage show just down the road at the Silkeborg Ride Klub. In an “LA1” (1st level) class, as the only pony, Kathryn & Marlibu ROCKED IT! They scored 69.231% to finish 4th of 29 entries. Not only was she the only pony, this was an open class with professionals and amateurs competing together.

Kathryn was super focused and rode a great, accurate test. Marlibu did was she does best, be awesome. We are all very proud of them, and for me it has given me an extra push to get my act together and RIDE BETTER.

Here is their Danish debut: