Amy Tryon and Poggio II in 2005. photo by Calina

I was sitting in the Milwaukee airport waiting to board my flight home and idly checking Facebook to pass the time. The first post that caught my eye evoked a gasp and caused to sit bolt upright, startling the girl sitting next to me. “What happened? Somebody die?” she asked. Possibly not the most sensitive thing she could have said, especially as the answer was yes.

Eventer Amy Tryon was 42 when she slipped away in her sleep yesterday. That’s my age. I’ve always enjoyed following Amy’s career, and loved how she seemed like such a “regular” person, despite her success. Almost blue collar, if that makes sense. My Dad was a volunteer firefighter, so I could relate to that part of her life as well, and how could anyone fail to be moved by Poggio’s story?

Mountain trail horse to world class eventer? That’s the stuff movies are made of. Add to that the devoted and supportive husband, firefighter and Greg Tryon, and well, it was a bit like a fairy tale. Isn’t it odd why some people and their stories just seem to grip us? This was one of those for me. So very sad and sorry to hear of this loss.

I was still trying to wrap my mid around the loss of Amy Tryon when I scrolled down and learned about George Morris diagnosis of prostate cancer.

?!?!?!?! Has the horse world tilted on it’s axis today?

Started sending thoughts skywards, asking the Powers That Be to offer healing and solace to all those who need it right now. Hoping the fact that I was in a plane at this point and at 10,000 feet and climbing helped my messages get through.

When I landed I checked Facebook again, just to see if there was any more news. Kinda sad that I get my news from FB, not CNN or NPR, but there you have it. Was absolutely gobsmacked to read of the passing of John Quirk, husband of breeder Tish Quirk, former publisher of HORSES magazine, and perhaps the most driving force behind getting the Rolex World Cup event to Las Vegas. Without John’s efforts, many North Americans might never have had the opportunity to see the likes of Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Albert Zoer, Marco Kutscher, and Ludger Beerbaum.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected. I gave my loved ones an extra hard hug when I got home last night, and am looking forward to seeing and hugging my mares tonight, and letting everyone know how blessed I am to have them in my life.

BTW, before I forget, thank YOU, Horse Junkies Family, for being in my life.