Morten Thomsen teaching Ingrid Klimke at a seminar in Handorf, Germany, April 13, 2012.

We at Dressage Arvé are looking for someone to help us for a few months in Denmark.

WHO: Dressage Arvé is the stable of Danish dressage trainer Morten Thomsen. Morten is an Olympic rider, popular clinician, and coaches top international competitors like Chris Hickey, Catherine Haddad, and Ingrid Klimke.

We usually have around 20-25 horses (this includes some breeding mares & youngsters), with the boss riding, an assistant rider (me!), a super-groom, and amazing barn guy. It’s a very positive place and while it’s hard work, all of us would rather crack a joke than be too serious all the time.

WHAT: We are looking for someone to assist in grooming duties. This includes some stall mucking, feeding, turn out & turn in, tack cleaning, lots of grooming horses, and other stuff that just goes along with working with horses. Work schedule is Monday to Friday and every other weekend.

WHERE: Silkeborg, Denmark. Where? 

WHEN: We need someone from mid-May (yeah, it’s kind of soon) until the end of July. This is prime vacation time, so we want to have an extra person around to help things run smooth. And really, if you’ve ever wanted to visit Denmark, this is a nice time of year.

WHY: Why not, you’re a horse junkie! If you’ve ever thought about working with horses professionally, working in Europe, or you just want to do something different, this might be a good chance.

Come play with us!

YOU: know horses and have experience with them (you’re a horse junkie,after all), are positive, responsible, physically fit enough to work in a stable, not afraid of hard work or getting dirty, have an interest in dressage, and have references.

If you think this sounds interesting, send me an email at  for more information.

Summer in Denmark!