Tucker, Barn Dog, wearing his fancy new winter coat.

I guess I have hit a bit of writers block lately.  Because, wow, has it been a long time since I ‘blogged’.  I have started to have this feeling that Patricia, blog owner/manager/super-blogger, will be wondering if I am still alive out here in BC.  In fact, I thought I better start pulling my weight!  I guess I could hide a wee bit longer since Rolex and Badminton are coming up so all the eventers have lots to post and get excited about.

I realize it has been over a month since I have posted anything – which means it has been even longer since I have actually written anything.   Can’t be stumped for material – the FEI is just a hot bed of activity, the Totilas debate is still going on, and closer to home – the Canadian ladies did a fab job in California last month.

Lots of fancy ribbons in the small tour at The Festival of Dressage where Rochelle Kilberg won the Int I Freestyle and then again won the Freestyle at Golden State Dressage Show the following weekend.  Leslie Reid won the PSG and the Int I at Golden State CDI.   In addition, the Spring Show at Southlands Riding Club are coming up – that show where we are having all the new classes and fun things going on.  So all in all, lots of stuff going on.  But, hmphf, I am still in a bit of a slump.

So, what can you do?  Reflect…. if you can’t look forward to something coming up, maybe look back and see where we have come from.  So here is an update on my Dressage Horses New Year’s Resolutions.   Here is a quarterly update on how the progress is going.

Finn… The Baby.  He was hoping to start having the extra yummy food that everyone else gets at breakie and dinner.  He has proven that he is ready and has earned his wee bit of grain to help with his body building.  And oh, he is so excited and whinnies even MORE enthusiastically at mealtime.   His body building was going great, till he had a growth spurt and he looks a bit bum high at the moment.  Which is interesting since he is probably pushing 16.3hh and has come out of a 16hh mare and by a Sir Sinclair who is not big either!  And I hate to say it to his owner, that he looks like he is still going to grow.  But maybe if we stop feeding him, he will stop growing…. hmm….

Steddy… The Teenager.  He was going to work on his tenacity and his concentration.  He is still very concerned about his amazing good looks, but he has also stepped up  his game and is really going like a superstar.   His body has changed dramatically and looks like a proud dressage horse! And when he acts like a dorky teen again, his nickname is StupidStar.  Or Stupido –  a play on Anky’s new horse Upido.

Volte… The Adult.  He continues to be his earnest self and is working on getting his owner in the show ring at Third Level.   He has completely destroyed the corner feed bucket, so I guess that is one way to stop banging it around.  Not quite the change in behaviour I was hoping for!

Riley… The Young Adult. Has moved to a lovely place on The Sunshine Coast and is having a grand old time in a field with pasture mates and then coming in to ride around cross country and lots of jumping.  Miss him tons, but so happy for him.

In his place, Franco moved in.  Another Baby.  Means Finn and Franco are fast friends and spend too much time comparing notes and trying on the same tricks on me!  So, I hope they compare notes and notice that neither one of them gets away with anything!   Usually they spend their time trying to one up the other to attain the “gold star” of the week.  But this week they both were vying for bottom spot!  Both babies proving they could be equally naughty and youthful at the same time!  So at the moment, as amazing as they are for 3 1/2 yr olds, they are both sitting on the bottom rung and need to step up their game to get “gold star” status once again.

Zoe… The Young Lady.  Top mare in the barn as always, she has done a fab job of working on her listening skills and has been super to ride.

Romeo… The Pre Teen.  I don’t know where he has taken his confidence training, but it is working!  He moved to the backside of the barn which is much quieter and I believe that has settled him a lot.  Now he is beside Vinny, who must be giving him some “tough guy” training.  His dreams of being a fearless leader might actually happen!  His new nickname is The Remarkable Romeo.

Vinny… The Old Pro.  His lofty goals of being fitter and stronger are going well.  He is learning some new tricks – and SOMETIMES actually nickers at me!  Maybe he holds out on me so that I really appreciate it when it actually nickers!

Tucker… Barn Dog.  His begging for carrots is still shameless!  But age is making him slower.  I should add to his New Years Resolution to STOP getting sprayed by the skunk that lives in the backyard!  He has been sprayed twice this year, which makes for a total of 11 times.  I am getting good at getting the smell out!

There is your quarterly report.  Looking back, I see that lots of progress has been made! Time to look ahead and get excited about summer and show season.