5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - GO!!!! Have a nice ride!!

It comes down to this…I don’t know.  And in this case, although swearing and breaking stuff might seem like the option that would get the results I am after, it has unfortunately come down to timing.

See – I was a commuter, spending about 3.5 hours a day on VIA (Canada’s version of AmTrak) to get to and from work.  At the end of March, I accepted a new position with the Federal government…10 minutes away from my house.  The change in my lifestyle has been incredible.  I am sleeping 2 more hours a night during the week, I have more time for my husband, friends and horses.  All in all, I am in a much better mood.  Ask my husband. 

However, it also leaves me in a bad spot.  Remember how I was asking for help in trying to determine what it was I should do about being able to go to Rolex?  Well, as it turns out, taking a week off 3 weeks into starting a new job doesn’t really look that good.  When I brought it up while negotiating my offer of employment, it was determined that we would take a closer look the week before I was to leave and see how things stood…’things’ meaning my training, ramp up (no, not a cross country fence) and general timing of projects happening within the office that require my facilitation and participation.

This is how it stands 5 days before the first horse is expected out on course: I don’t know.  The potential exists for me to be able to get Friday (the 27th) and Monday (the 30th) off.  This would mean driving through the night on Thursday to arrive in time for dressage on Friday…I may or may not stop in some creepy motel along I-75 for a couple hours of sleep.  However, I have been reminded by Patricia, CRD and Calina …and well, all my other HJU counter parts…of how much fun it is going to be…yes, yes, I know, thank you for the constant reminders.

So, will I show up, or won’t I show up?  Something tells me that I might not know myself until Wednesday. To be completely honest, I don’t know one way or another.

One thing I know for sure, is someone had better get Jock Paget on camera for me if I can’t be there to do it myself….my plan was actually to get him to act out a scene from The Notebook with me.  Any takers…?