Some of our props for the Dressage Trail Class. Rubber Duck and plastic egg filled with sand and duct taped closed.

Phew, what a weekend.  I have been out and about at the horse show – ALMOST – as early as the show organizers and have been staying ALMOST as long as they did!  And I am so tired.  But it was such a fun show.

What made it so fun?  I am not exactly sure, but it was NOT the weather on Friday.  Which was sideways rain.  And then all day Friday Ring #2 was under a few inches of water so the bold, eventer types did well that day as they splished and splashed thru their tests.  Weather did improve and it was sunshine from Friday noon till the end of the show.  And the weather makes such a big difference to the atmosphere of a show!

What did work was the hospitality tent with coffee and goodies from 8-10am every morning.  And then the test/ribbon/prize pick up from the hospitality tent and some fun and fabulous volunteers.  The Saturday Evening Party was really well attended!!!  We had at least double the number of people we expected and we awarded our Championships and Reserve Championships during the party.

Also on Saturday there was a Silent Auction (organized by Derek Huget) which had a few items that were fought over by bidders (myself included!! And I bought a very cute short, black jacket).  There were also a truck load of great prizes from Arista Equestrian and the Amateur Medal Class, Ecogold saddle pads, a Samshield helmet from The Saddle Doctor, Greenhawk gift baskets as well as competitor draw prizes from all sorts of places like Starbucks, A&W.  Too many to mention!

And last but not least was our fun Dressage Trail Class.  I had hoped we would get at least 10 people to enter, but it was actually over subscribed!!!  And in the end 9 riders took a bash at our very tame Trail Course.  This was a real highlight of the show with over 50 spectators hooting and cheering.   I thought the egg and spoon was going to be the hard part, but I think I made it too easy.  In the end it was the duck throw which was the hardest!!!  Only 2 riders got the duck in the bucket – great job Deb Bisson and Bridget Martin.

 Check out the course!

And here’s how it rode… enjoy!

Dressage Trail Class – Part 1

Dressage Trail Class – Part 2

Dressage Trail Class – Part 3

Thanks to everyone who came and to all our amazing sponsors.  And because we are aiming to be the show where you have the most fun, here is a Post Show Chat video!

Video to enjoy because are having so much fun!

Look out Calgary CDI – we are the funnest show in the West!