So, I decided to dye Haajes’ tail. I know, I know… talk about vainglorious (and possibly reckless). But his tail was so sunbleached from last summer, and there’s nothing less appealing than a tail that’s half black and half rusty red. And I did my research! (Well, perused a few blogs, did a few searches on Chronicle of the Horse forums, and crossed my fingers.)

So, decision made, I trundled on down to Superstore and picked up some Garnier Fructis “Natural Black” ($3.99 each, limit two per customer! And with jojoba oils!). I whisked my goodies back home and fetched my victim from his paddock. Then, with some trepidation, I reviewed the directions, smeared conditioner all over Haajes’ rump to avoid cross-contamination of tail dye to his coat, snugly wrapped his hind socks with some old polo wraps, and began.

In retrospect, I should have washed his tail. While the directions say to use the dye on dry, unwashed hair, I think they mean unwashed for a day or two, not for eight months… they should be more specific! Anyway, I was extremely nervous that his tail would come out looking Barbie’s-Black-Stallion fake, but it actually ended up being a tad more subtle than I desired! Still, mission accomplished.


I may actually attempt this again in a few weeks to get a more striking black; there’s still some noticeable fading in the last part of his tail. Still, I think it’s a significant improvement!

Next on my show prep list: pulling that wild mane (this will have to be achieved when the vet comes out to do his teeth next week, as Haajes is NOT a fan of getting his mane ineptly tugged at by his butterfingered owner. A little sedative should do the trick…)

And, speaking of show prep: I just sent in my entries for Haajes’ first show ever. He will be competing in the notable “Starter” (2’3) Hunter division and the 0.75m jumper division. Small they may seem, but I think we’ll be sufficiently challenged!

Fingers crossed that May is sunny, calm and warm and not sleeting, freezing and blustery. (Could go either way…)