Eric Lamaze speaking at the press conference.

This morning, Eric Lamaze held a media conference at Spruce Meadows. It was his first appearance here since his win in the CN International at the Spruce Meadows Masters.

There was quite a large turnout for the conference with all of the ‘big guns’ in attendance (CBC, CTV…); I felt a little bit dwarfed, but that’s alright – my game face was on! As expected, the main topic of the day was the Olympics with everyone fishing for Eric’s thoughts on his horses and how he feels about his chances at defending his title. I won’t paraphrase it here, it is much better just to watch the video and hear what he had to say directly!

Here is the video of the press conference. I only missed filming about 30 seconds when my camera got bumped- it was when Ian Allison was asking a question about Spruce Meadows’ ability to give horses tremendous experience in a short amount of time (To avoid confusion, I also wrote it in the video).

Eric Lamaze – Spruce Meadows Press Conference June 5, 2012

As you can tell, Eric was very candid and honestly answered all of the questions thrown at him. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be – trying to plan his next move and develop his horses as quickly as possible, all the while dealing with a media circus.

I am really looking forwards to the next couple of weeks at Spruce since, like he said, it is still very undecided between Verdi and Derly for the Olympic mount. Even in our HJU predictions, we said 51% Verdi and 49% Derly…I think that was very accurate way to look at it!

Anyways, I will be bringing you the action from the Spruce Meadows National tournament later this week and, don’t worry, I will be sure to take lots of pictures and pay special attention to Eric! Also, there may be a little bit more to what happened today….you will have to check back tomorrow to find out!