Eric Lamaze gave Horse Junkies United an exclusive interview!

As I alluded to yesterday, there was more to my day at Spruce Meadows than just the media conference…. I was lucky enough to be granted a one on one interview with the man himself!

(Huge thanks to the Spruce Meadows press office and Jennifer Ward from Starting Gate Communications).

This was a little bit intimidating, I am very green at the whole interview thing and, having been a big fan for ages, really didn’t want to mess it up. I suppose you will be the ultimate judge of that, but overall I think it went quite well! I have to thank Patricia for her coaching over the phone, it helped tremendously.

After the press conference we were told to just go back downstairs and wait in the media room until someone came to get us. Having not brought my computer, I was just sitting there reading some pamphlets and press releases when someone walked up to me. I looked up and was surprised not to see one of the Spruce Meadows media people, but someone from the Globe and Mail. Apparently, she is covering Spruce Meadows/ writing some sort of piece on Eric, and she wanted information….from me. What?! I guess we have some pull! I gladly shared my thoughts with her, very nice lady who genuinely wanted to learn more about the sport. So, not only did I conduct my highest caliber interview to date, I was kinda sorta interviewed by the Globe and Mail. I thought it was pretty funny!

Okay, back to Lamaze! When I was up, I was driven over to East Meadows in a golf cart where I had to wait a few minutes for my turn. At this time I ran into Glenn Campbell, a sports reporter for the local CTV channel. We had a nice chat, once again it was a little strange because I see him on TV most nights, but hey, it was a day of firsts. Finally, I was shown to a little dark room in the corner of the barn. In that room sat Eric with two lights on him, and a chair for me to sit in….that’s it. Gulp!

With exactly 10 minutes provided for each interview (including set-up), I didn’t have a whole lot of time to be nervous, I had to get down to business. I had a list of my own questions along with the ones that you guys asked. Unfortunately, with the tight time limit, I only got to three of them – I apologize if yours was one of the ones I had to skip.

One-on-one with Eric Lamaze

I highly considered slicing it apart to remove my voice and just write the questions but, whatever, I’ll get over hating the sound of my own voice one day.

As you can see, Eric was great to talk to and had very candid and genuine answers to everything that I asked. I was sure to get some Coriana information because I know that she has a lot of fans on HJU! As far as my coverage for the National goes, I will be going Friday evening/Saturday/Sunday at the very least, likely trying to make Thursday evening as well. With that, I should be able to catch all of Eric’s horses at some point – I’m super excited to see Scendix in person because if Eric is ‘crazy about that horse’, I’m sure he is phenomenal!