Adrienne Lyle, Heather Blitz and Todd Flettrich at World Dressage Masters – photo: Justine Griffin

Day #2 of the US Selection Trials, another day with an unreasonably early start of 5 am for me on the West Coast.  No, I didn’t manage to get up early enough, in fact I didn’t get up till well after the lunch break in Gladstone – 3 hrs ahead of me.

Another stellar day for dressage in the US and a great showing of the depth they have for an Olympic team this year.  7 combinations scored over 70% in the GPS.  Typically you will see higher scores in this new GPS, so I am not surprised at the higher scores, but still 7 combinations! That is fantastic.  I am not sure the top nations of Holland, Germany and Great Britain have many more than that!!!

So the numbers, how did they break down today?  As you know Steffen was 1st with 77.9% and Tina in 2nd with 76.7%.  That is not that surprising, but what is very cool to notice is that Tina’s score was so close AND one judge had her ahead of Steffen by 0.2%!   Being ahead of the rest of the pack by almost 3% she is pretty solid in position for a team spot. But don’t count your chickens…..   The next placings 3rd at 73.01% to 7th 70%, are close and note that the combinations are moving around in the placings.  Todd & Jan flipped spots, Adrienne pulled up a few spots as did Heather.

After these two tests (each of the 4 rides are worth 25%), Steffen is 1st (and doesn’t really count, because he already has a spot on the team with Ravel), 2nd Tina, 3rd Todd, 4th Jan, Adrienne, Guenter, Heather, Pierre, Shawna.  The numbers are still VERY close with a 1.5% between Jan in 4th and Shawna in 9th.

Steffen Peters and Legolas – Grand Prix Special

Anything can happen in the next GP and GPS.

Looking forward to more exciting numbers in this showdown.