The best place

From 8 to 5, I analyze financial statistics, write reports, argue with morons, win my cases with facts, hold myself very tightly and stand strong.

From 5 to 8, I fight with a pig-headed mare choosing my battles with care. I don’t need strength or hard facts, I just need a soft touch and a huge heart.

I was raised to be a “lady” with etiquette classes and all that. I sat through many high teas and own a closet full of little black dresses. At the barn, I drink out of the hose, leave my shoes on the floor and wipe my nose with my sleeve.

At the barn, I don’t care what my hair looks like. I slap on a hat or helmet and I’m off. In the other world, I spend too much time fluffing, curling, spraying every strand into place.

At the barn, I don’t worry if my “outfit matches”; brown boots, purple half chaps, black breeches and a red t-shirt is just fine.  A couple of pairs of $200.00 breeches cover my needs and will last me years. In the other world, I need lots and lots of $100.00 suits.

At the barn, I still use manners and show lots of class. I cover my mouth when I cough, I just won’t tell you where my hands might have been before – but know they haven’t been recently washed…

There is dust, things are stuffed in my trunk or hung on a door. I’ve been seen brushing my horse while eating a sandwich. In the other world, there is no dust. I wash my hand often, have my nails professionally done and eat at the table with china and glass.

There is nothing like walking into the barn after a rotten day at work. The smell, the silence, the light flickering in through the little hole in the peak. Within seconds, a calm comes over me. My breathing slows and I feel alive again. All the troubles, worries, irritations from the other world go away…

Everyone needs a barn in their lives for balance.