Amistad getting in the trailer… we’re going to the Olympics!!!!

Pamela Nunn is a freelance FEI groom who went to previous “Games” with Canadian event rider Selena O’Hanlon and this time, will be going to London with team alternate Shandiss Wewiora and her 8-yr-old Irish Sport Horse Rockfield Grant Juan. 

Leaving on a jet plane.

Ready now for the next stage of the journey. Firstly our luggage and the horse equipment is picked up by the shippers, then the horses, along with Canadian Eventing Team vet Dr Christiana Ober. The rest of us fly overnight from Washington to Heathrow. Jessica Phoenix’s groom Amanda and I will take a bus from Heathrow to Stansted where the horses land. Then, we will travel with them in the transport to Maizey Manor in Wiltshire.

The horses left safely this morning. We got up early, at 4am, to feed and take them out to stretch their legs and enjoy a final hand graze. The shippers couldn’t bring their big rig up the hill to our barn, so we had to trailer them down in normal sized trailers and load in a field elsewhere. This went smoothly and all six horses had a box stall to themselves.

Peter Barry’s Kildoran Abbott enjoying the view

Rebecca’s stuff (it looks like a lot but she’s moving to England)

Loading, loading, loading

OCET trailer

Loading stuff into the big truck

Juan and Shandiss

Natalia, Gin and Juice and Hawley

Our guy!!! Juan ready to go to England!

and they’re off to the Olympics!

With mixed emotions, I watched them drive away, excited to be moving onto the next phase of the great adventure but at the same time anxious that they all travel well.

Next time I write, I will be in England.