Welcome to NAJYRC 2012

This week, I have the privilege of grooming for Ontario rider Mia Dover and her horse Etoile who are competing in the 1* division at the North American Junior Young Rider Championships held at the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

Today was ‘move in day’, as all event horses have to be on-site by noon on Tuesday. It has been an eventful day, to say the least. The horse was scheduled to leave at 11:30pm on Sunday night. Given the fact it is a 13-14 hour drive from Ottawa to the KHP, this should have gotten us to Kentucky at 1:30pm.

To start things off, the trailer only arrived at 1am, which meant by the time we got everything (including the horse) loaded, we only hit the road at 1:40am. Not a huge deal… we should have been in Kentucky by 3:40pm. I am not the greatest night driver (just ask Calina about our road trip to the Fork a couple years ago)… and Mia most definitely has no issue sleeping in a car, she slept through half of New York, all of Pennsylvania and most of Ohio…

The trailer driver figured it would take them 17-18 hours, planning to arrive at the KHP around 7pm as they enjoy giving the horse a couple breaks. As I wasn’t sure I could stay awake as the only driver that long, we went ahead of the trailer to get the stalls ready. Unfortunately due to some mechanical issues, this has been further delayed until at least midnight. By the time the horse arrives, his 14 hour trip will have been nearly 22 hours…. and not to whine, but I will have been up since 8am Sunday morning (with the exception of a couple hours in bed watching the Calgary Stampede and dozing off on Sunday afternoon).

I have been awake since 11:15pm on Sunday night… and yet am somehow staying awake here in the hotel lobby writing this blog. We will head back to the KHP around 11:30pm to greet Etoile and put him to bed.

We do have his stall (and his traveling companion’s stall) all ready for their arrival. We also rented our golf cart (which will need to be decorated tomorrow) and checked out the horse park, including the tail end of a polo match! Everything is beautifully done up, as you would expect. The atmosphere around the barns is definitely one of excitement.

NAJYRC Scoreboard

Area V Eventers – SmartPak Coolers

Go Canada! – NAJYRC 2012 Golf Cart

Polo at the Kentucky Horse Park – July 16 2012

I also had the opportunity to meet our NAJYRC guest bloggers (who will likely be sticking around here at HJU long after this week) Sable and Madison. These girls (and their mothers!) are absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to follow them around (with my camera!) this week whenever I get a chance. Their dedication and talent certainly has the makings of a great week!

Until tomorrow…