Etoile and Mia Dover – photo by Cheryl

Day 2 at NAJYRC started with me feeling significantly more well rested. Etoile arrived just before midnight the night before, on a different trailer than he left on. That’s a long story for another day. A quick run-down of my day as a groom of a 1 star rider…  Hour by hour update as requested (you know who you are!!)

8am – arrive at Kentucky Horse Park and quickly feed Etoile his breakfast. Refill water buckets, muck stall, etc. We then hand walked/grazed for just over an hour. A quick jog and it seems Etoile was no worse for wear after his 22 hour trip down to Kentucky.

10am – after a quick stop at Walmart for forgotten supplies, it was off to pick up Oakhurst Farm coach Ruth Allum at the Lexington Airport.

11am – we got Etoile tacked up and he had a fantastic flat lesson with coach Ruth Allum. Team coach Peter Gray was not set to arrive until Wednesday morning.

12pm – Etoile is hosed off and put away. A quick stop for frozen yogourt and we were off to wait for in-barn inspections.

1pm – still waiting

2pm – still waiting

3pm – still waiting


4pm – in barn inspections are successfully complete and Ruth and I were back to Walmart for more forgotten supplies.

5pm – meeting and opening ceremonies

After opening ceremonies, we were all off to the beautiful Spy Coast Farms for a fantastic party. Mechanical bull, bouncy castles, snow cones, cotton candy and fantastic food and music.

I had a couple Internet issues, so look for Tuesday and Wednesday pictures on Facebook later tonight.

I will be sure to update again later… I’m very excited to check out all of the disciplines, especially the reining, endurance and vaulting as I rarely get to see them.

Until later…