NAJYRC 2012 – Mia Dover and Etoile (1st horse inspection)

We are definitely ready to get this competition started for the eventers here at NAJYRC. After getting here on Monday, we are anxious for dressage tomorrow.

Today’s “hour by hour” run-down goes something like this:

7:30am – get to barn to feed and tack up.

8:00am – Mia got on Etoile just after 8am, and today schooling was in the Walnut Ring. This was a great opportunity cause although there were not yet flowers or judge tents, this is the ring they will be competing in tomorrow. Of course, I didn’t bring my camera… oops.

9:00am – Team Ontario update and practice jog. Etoile was lazy, so off to the vendors to buy a dressage whip before jog-up at 3pm

10:00am – competitors meeting for the event riders

11:00am – I decided to get Etoile braiding. Only having one horse here makes it easy to get bored.

12:30pm – lunch in the Kentucky Club tent.

1:30pm – stencils of maple leafs on the horses and wash Etoile’s socks in anticipation of jog.

2:00pm – I started walking… This hour of walking (okay I only lasted like 30 minutes in the heat), was brutal.

3:00pm – FIRST HORSE INSPECTION! Finally! The Canadian riders looked beautiful in their red pants and white tops… very patriotic of them. After Etoile jogged, we let him relax for a bit while the riders watched the rest of the jogs.

NAJYRC 2012 – Sean McIntosh and Wild T’Mater

NAJYRC 2012 – Mia Dover and Etoile (1st horse inspection)

NAJYRC – Hannah Galway and D’Jion (1st horse inspection)

4:00pm – ring familiarization. Riders had the option of riding (walk/trot/canter) or hand walking. They were not allowed in the ring, but were allowed everywhere on the outside. Etoile was absolutely fantastic and continued his trend of being mellow. So far – he loves Kentucky!

NAJYRC 2012 – Event Horse Ring Familiarization

NAJYRC 2012 – Event Horse Ring Familiarization

4:30pm – take out braids, feed, and head to hotel for much needed shower.

Tomorrow is dressage day for all the event riders. The 2star riders go first, and then the 1star riders (click on the links for the list of competitors). Stay tuned for further updates from Kentucky.