Mia Dover and Etoile – 1star dressage at NAJYRC 2012.

As I sit here in the pouring rain (okay I’m actually in the Kentucky Club tent away from the rain), the 1star dressage is on hold with about 8 tests to go.

The 2stars went this morning and the top 3 after dressage are:

1st – Lizzie Snow and Coal Creek (50.7)

2nd – Teresa Harcourt and Bonza Twist of Fate (51.9)

3rd – Kendyl Tracy and Ever So Lucky (53.3)

I do apologize for missing all the 2star rides (grooming duties!!) and therefore have no photos except a couple warmup photos:

NAJYRC 2star dressage warmup

Here are some of the 1star riders:

NAJYRC 2012 – Cameron Creek and Morgan Booth

NAJYRC 2012 – 1star dressage

Sean McIntosh and Wild T’Mater

As for the hourly play by play:

7am – feed Etoile and proceed to Kentucky Club tent to feed ourselves.

8am – Mia had a quick 30min flat. You could definitely tell today was competition day but by the end he was beautiful and relaxed. The plan was made that she was to be on at 1145am I’m advance of her 12:28pm dressage ride.

Mia Dover and Etoile – morning ride

9am – quick bath for Etoile and then I braided while Ruth/Mia went to watch some 2star tests and check out the warmup situation.

By 10:30am, Ruth and Mia were back at the barn and we were bored. Etoile was ready to go and now we had to wait…

11am – still waiting

1130am – time to start tacking up. Between 2 of us this flies by. Some hoof oil and off to the ring he goes.

1228pm – show time! Etoile did a very nice test. There was one big spook due to a flapping judge tent, but otherwise it was very consistent. This test scored a 59.2.

Mia Dover and Etoile

The rest of the day was spent watching dressage and walking courses. We quickly made it over to the Alltech Arena to watch reining, but only got to see one ride before a break. I do believe it was the winning ride, but don’t quote me on that.

NAJYRC 2012 Reining

I was really really hoping to make it to the finish of endurance, but I wasn’t quite sure where to find it.

Tomorrow there will be some course walking and spectating. There are definitely plans to check out the vaulting!!

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