Madison with best friend and fellow guest blogger Sable Giesler

We all want stories to have good endings. I was fortunate enough to have a very good ending to my NAJYRCs. After some struggle the first day, I was ready to come back, enjoy every second I rode my horse and just have fun. I realized that I wasn’t having fun and I needed to change that.

The evening after the team test I had a talk with the vets and our chef. I had now realized that McGuire was just not himself. Usually when I round the corner or he hears my voice he starts nickering like you wouldn’t believe. He wasn’t doing that anymore and that was weird, he also wasn’t drinking anymore. So we made a joint decision to give him fluids. Within 5 minutes he was looking like he could go to war. That was a learn, I wasn’t aware of how my horse was feeling.

So the individual test – I pulled another ridiculously early ride time and had a fantastic warm up with Elaine. Went into the ring, not expecting anything and I came out feeling like a million bucks. The best part was after my ride I was leading after the next 21 riders that was a wicked cool feeling. You know mentally that the rest of the riders going will most likely knock you down but still being leader felt so good!

I was happy that I had made it into the top 15 which meant I could do the freestyle. I’m a bit disappointed that all these amazing riders invested so much into these championships and only 15 riders get to do that freestyle. I almost find that a bit discouraging because the freestyle is always the fun part. Anyways, it’s unfortunate but rules are rules. At the end of the day I had finished 10th, which obviously put me in the top ten and that, was huge.

Freestyle day! Let the fun begin, so again a very good warm up and I was feeling hot! I think it was the best freestyle I’ve done all year but had a couple bobbles. In the middle of the best extended walk we suddenly were trotting and I almost swung my leg up and kicked myself because I know the walk was so so good! Oh well, another bobble in the extended trot which cost us quite a bit, but we came out in 9th. Another top 10 finish was the icing on the cake for this horse and I. The fact that he’s not a fancy horses and that this was THE year of the fancy horse made it very satisfying. I mean Steffen Peters Weltino’s Magic was competing in the young rider; Thank God I was a junior!

Madison after her test at NAJYRC 2012.

So a perfect finish to NAJYRCs, oh and I forgot to mention I got to see my girl Sable Giesler do her show jumping, I think my mom might have readjusted my hearing with her cheers at the end. Very proud of her team Bronze and I can’t wait to do it all next year with her.

I wish I could share every single story with you all, but let’s face it, we’d be hear for hours. Let’s just say I have some funny and interesting stories from scary thunderstorms to golf cart bouncing, to bad Mexican food to making fun of people while they’re asleep. Very fun and very rewarding experience, especially to be a Para athlete at an abled bodied competition.

Now to make new goals, I can guarantee that the best has yet to come; I can do this for the rest of my life and never let this part of me die. I’m in it for life and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!