Yesterday, I was going through my photos and I realized that most of them could win the gold medal for “worst photo of the Olympics” if there was such a thing. I bought this automatic camera for the Olympics – figured it would be easier to carry around all day than my normal camera – and boy… I can’t seem to get the hang of this automatic thing. It either shoots too early, too late or the zoom goes nuts and zooms super close (my video camera tends to do that too).

As a joke, I posted a few of these on Facebook last night, to everyone’s delight. So here you go…  I swear these are not “on purpose”…

Where’s the other half?

This is supposed to be a horse leaving the ring…

Ingrid Klimke… the horse’s head would have been nice

Where’s Waldo (Mark Todd)? He’s in the photo!

Clicked waaaay too soon, don’t ya think?

Got none of this rider actually jumping over anything…

Pretty flowers and a horse’s butt

Should be Zara Phillips… I think

Zara Phillips and most of High Kingdom


William Fox-Pitt somewhere…

Could be Jessica Phoenix and Exponential

Sara Algotsson Olstholt and most of Wega

Sandra Auffarth’s butt

Karen O’Connor and Mr Medicott

another one hiding in the bushes…

Dirk Schrade

Mind your head

And from today’s dressage

Ah, the dressage horse… Such elegance.

Moroccan rider Yassine Rahmouni minus the head

Where’s D Niro?

Those darn judges’ huts!

Could have been a super nice photo of Jan Ebeling and Rafalca if that speaker wasn’t in the way…grrrrr

Thanks for getting up while Laura B was coming towards me.

That’s all for now. I’m sure I’ll get some more tomorrow.