Jacquie Brooks and D Niro

First day of Olympic Dressage is over now and a pretty good day.  I personally, didn’t watch very much because it started at 3 am on the West Coast.

So now going through the taped broadcast, and on the CTV site there are little grey dots on the bottom of the screen.  If you scroll over them, they tell you who is starting!!!  Very cool, so I could do a quickie look and find who I wanted to see.

New this year at the Olympics is the 3 man team (in the past, there were teams of 4 riders and the top 3 scores counted for the medals – this year, there is no margin for error as the teams are comprised of 3 riders, so no dropped score).  As I have said before, I am not a fan of this, nor that both the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special count for the team medal.  Now, after day one, I really don’t like it.

When one of our Canadian riders retired, meaning elimination from the competition, it also meant that our team does not go on to the GPS and is out of the medals. So both Ashley and Jacquie are done as well in the team competition.  If this was the rule for WEG in Kentucky 2010, then the Dutch would have been out of team contention after Adelinde was eliminated.  Can you imagine?  No Totilas in the GPS final and no WEG gold medal?

To move onto the GPS the top 7 teams only move one, and a few individuals (I am not sure of the number).  So 9 riders will be out based on the bottom 3 teams not moving forward.

Off to work and I will find out more on GPS later and who will move on.